Why The Trigun Stampede Anime Release Date Is In January 2023?

The release of Trigun Stampede has been set for January 2023, during the Winter 2023 anime season.

The debut of the brand-new anime series will occur simultaneously in countries all around the world.

The new Trigun TV show from Japan will be available on Crunchyroll for simultaneous streaming in more than 200 countries and territories across the world.

Significant alterations to the plot were disclosed in both the new trailer and the central image. Big Woman” Milly Thompson has apparently been replaced by grizzled newsman Roberto de Niro. There is a roster of characters with brief biographies on the official website, however Milly is nowhere to be found.

Meryl Stryfe’s departure from Bernardelli Insurance is the other big shift in Trigun Stampede’s cast of characters. Instead, she’s the daughter of a wealthy family and a rookie reporter at Bernardelli Press where she and Roberto both work. In the clip, Meryl is seen holding a camera rather than her usual derringer handguns.

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An exact date for the English dub of Trigun Stampede has not been revealed. Nonetheless, the authentic VA Vash the Stampede Johnny Yong Bosch wants to restore “love and harmony,” he says. Also, Johnny seems to think he’s “out” of the project, which is a bit perplexing. (For clarification, please refer to the section below.)

The panel discussion at Anime Expo 2022 will be streamed live on Twitter.
The cast and crew for the next Trigun remake, titled Trigun Stampede, are all new to the series. We haven’t heard anything about the Japanese cast just yet. Principal members of Studio Orange’s workforce are still to be disclosed.

The opening theme and ending theme songs for Trigun Stampede have not been revealed as of yet.

Both the opening theme “H.T.” by Tsuneo Imahori and the ending theme “The Windws Blows to the Future (Kaze wa Mirai ni Fuku)” by Akima & Neos are considered to be Trigun classics.

Trigun, the original anime, was produced by Studio Madhouse and aired in the spring of 2018, but the series only ran for one season. On April 2, 2010, the film Trigun: Badlands Rumble featuring a side tale was released.

Added new Trigun Stampede trailer PV and release date (October 14, 2022).
Concept art for Trigun Stampede, created by Tajima Koji, has been added to the gallery as of August 4, 2022.
Key image and trailer added on July 8, 2022.

Trigun Stampede
Trigun Stampede

Why The Trigun Stampede Anime Release Date Is In January 2023

Studio Orange, Toho, Crunchyroll, or any other company involved in the making of the anime have not, as of the most recent update, announced when exactly Trigun Stampede will be available to the public. A new Trigun series is set to premiere in January 2023, though.

Trigun, an anime television series produced by Studio Orange, was said to be getting a remake in June of 2020. Studio Orange had hinted back then that they were adapting an anime into a 3D version that “may be familiar” to fans. As a result, it’s safe to assume that the producers began working on the project much before that.

The producers will put in a lot of time and effort during pre-production to ensure that the studio, key personnel, and cast in the pipeline are all on the same page (animators and cast are typically independent contractors).

When an anime project is announced to the public, it is usually well into production. The release date for Trigun Stampede was anticipated to fall in the first half of 2023, given the already mentioned time period.

Here Is The Original Trigun English Dub Cast?

  • Vash the Stampede voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch
  • Millions Knives voiced by Kirk Baily
  • Nicholas D. Wolfwood voice by Jeff Nimoy
  • Meryl Stryfe voiced by Dorothy Elias-Fahn
  • Milly Thompson voiced by Lia Sargent
  • Rem Saverem voiced by Bridget Hoffman

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