What Happened on Christmas in Tokyo Revengers?

After the success of the first season of Tokyo Revengers, fans have been waiting impatiently for the show’s creators to deliver on the promise of the thrilling show. After a nine-month hiatus, a spectacular promotional video revealed the premiere date for the next arc of the series.

The 24-episode first season of Tokyo Revengers premiered in April 2021, and it featured gang violence, murder mysteries, and intricate time loops. The manga’s popularity paved the way for the success of the seinen anime adaptation. The date of the show’s sequel has been announced, giving anime lovers something to look forward to.

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Initially announced in a December 2021 teaser, Tokyo Revengers’ Christmas Showdown Arc is set to begin in early 2022. In addition, at the same time, a Tokyo Revengers mobile game was launched, adding even more excitement to the wonderful developments.

The franchise has now announced the release date of the sequel, after a short wait after the arc’s announcement. The official premiere date of the Christmas Showdown Arc is set for January 2023. Important alterations to the upcoming season were also announced in this thrilling piece of news.

  • Junya Enoki voices Inui Seisyu.
  • Natsuki Hanae voicing Kokonoi Hajime.
  • Tasuku Hatanaka voicing Hakkai Shiba.

This has resulted in the Toyo Revengers pilot episode being repeated in July. Creator Ken Wakui adapted his manga work Tokyo Revengers for this anime. Approximately 22 volumes of the manga can be read by readers on various internet services.

Takemitchi Hanagaki, the protagonist of the seinen series, is a time traveler who initially conflicts with a biker gang but ends up fitting in well with them. Ironically, Takemitchi is an adult man with the capacity to time travel by “leap,” or travelling back in time.

Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown
Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown

Takemitchy utilises this power to try to stop his future-past girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, from dying in an accident engineered by Kisaki Tetta in the present.

In sum, Tokyo Revengers is a gripping thriller that touches on serious topics including mystery, tragedy, love, leadership, and more. Fans of the up-and-coming, high-quality seinen series can rest assured that it will continue in 2023 with the Christmas Showdown Arc.

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