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Who Are Toji Fushiguro In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Toji Fushiguro

Toji Fushiguro

Jujutsu Kaisen regular Toji Fushiguro ( Fushiguro Tji?) was originally introduced as Toji Zenin ( Zen’in Tji?). Before he became a curse user, he was a member of the Zenin family and an assassin known as the Sorcerer Killer ( Jutsushi Goroshi?).

The Time Vessel Association was among the many organizations that hired him. As well as being the antagonist of Satoru Gojo in the past, he was also the father of Megumi Fushiguro. Toji, in his capacity as an employee of the Star Religious Group, is the main adversary of the Gojo’s Past Arc.

Toji Fushiguro Appearance:

Toji is a massive man with black hair that is shoulder-length straight and extends to his ears. His son inherited his father’s green eyes, and he himself has thin black brows and a scar on the corner of his right mouth.

Toji’s go-to uniform consists of a long-sleeved shirt, a pair of slacks that match, and sandals for the weekend. Toji wears a short-sleeved, form-fitting shirt in the ring, along with tan, loose-fitting training slacks and black martial arts slippers. Toji, when he was still a Zenin, wore a black yukata with a dark haori over it.

Toji Fushiguro Personality:

Toji is a confident, level-headed guy who makes his life with his skills and doesn’t get worked up over much of anything. He can hold his own in witty banter with the very sarcastic likes of Satoru Gojo, and he seems to take pleasure in introspective dialogue with others so long as it relates to himself.

Upon first meeting, Satoru inquired to Toji if they were already acquainted. However, Toji told him that he was not the sort to remember just any old guy. Although Toji appears to be completely consumed by the excitement of battle, he is actually keeping a level head and carefully planning his next move.

Toji is a professional hitman known as the “Sorcerer Killer” who enjoys gambling in his downtime between jobs for dubious patrons.

He had a child with his new wife, but he abandoned them soon afterward, not even bothering to find out the baby’s gender or name.

Toji had even considered selling young Megumi to the Zenin family he had abandoned, in order to gain access to the cursed skill that would one day belong to him.

As long as the money is good, Toji doesn’t care about his client’s motivations and won’t do any extra labour for free. Because of his expertise in jujutsu, he is able to fool even the most renowned sorcerers with brazen confidence and a terrifying cool head.

That made him famous enough for the affluent Time Vessel Association to consider hiring him for a crucial position that would secure their future. Despite his opinion that the group’s religious adherents were insane, he got along well enough with their go-between to invite him out for dinner.

Toji, like Maki Zenin, is a non-sorcerer raised in the Zenin family who places a premium on cursed skills but has been victimised by the sorcerer clans for their pursuit of power. His hatred for the jujitsu community and his desire to punish it both contribute to his bad behaviour.

Toji, a member of the Zenin family who did not inherit the cursed energy, married a woman and adopted the surname Fushiguro. He named him Megumi, which means “blessings,” in hopes that his kid would grow up to be a powerful sorcerer, and then he sold him to the Zenin family.

When confronted by a revitalised Satoru Gojo, Toji should have aborted his final mission for the Time Vessel Association and fled. Toji despised the jujutsu world and the sorcerer families, so he decided to attempt to eliminate the most talented sorcerer in the world as a means of getting back at them.

Toji’s death could be attributed to his pride. Because he couldn’t shake his inner demons, he went against his better judgement and tried to push through the discomfort he was feeling.

Toji, ever the icy observer, said nothing at first as a way to maintain his icy demeanour. He was concerned about his ex-wife and their kid in his final moments, so he told Satoru that he planned to sell Megumi to the Zenin family in a few years. In the long run, this would cause Satoru to take a special interest in Megumi and make it possible for her to pursue a career as a jujutsu sorceress thanks to the connections they’d made.

By using her Séance Technique, Granny Ogami brought Toji back from the grave, transforming him into a living embodiment of destruction. He would strike out at whatever stood in his way, but his primary goal was to obliterate the most formidable foe he could find.

Toji committed himself out of concern for the safety of his son after an angry outburst drove him to threaten him. Further, he did this without ever disclosing their mutual link. Toji, on the other hand, is relieved to learn that Megumi no longer calls himself a Zenin but a Fushiguro in his parting remarks.

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Abilities and Powers

Overall Skill Level:

Even though Toji isn’t a curse user and doesn’t have any natural skill for jujutsu, he was a top-tier jujutsu fighter in his day. Toji faced the most formidable and highly ranked jujutsu practitioners of his period, and he prevailed thanks to his greater intrinsic physical prowess.

Three times he vanquished jujutsu practitioners of the special grade, including a young Satoru Gojo who was at the time a prodigy and one of the world’s strongest sorcerers. Toji easily defeated the other sorcerer at the time who was regarded to be the strongest, the curse manipulator Suguru Geto, and numerous of his fiercest cursed spirits. To Toji, Suguru’s skills were “rabble” compared to his own.

Toji took the Zenin family’s jujutsu expertise and turned it against the family’s sorcerers, earning him the nickname “Sorcerer Killer.” Toji was hired by the Time Vessel Association to kill everyone aboard the Star Plasma Vessel during the Star Plasma Vessel Escort Mission, a task handed to the two best sorcerers by Master Tengen. Over the course of a few days, Toji used a series of strategic manoeuvres to utterly derail the escort.

This weakened the escort squad and lulled them into a false sense of security before he made his move.

Toji’s meticulous preparation paid off as he launched a sneak attack on a practitioner of the illustrious ocular jujitsu Six Eyes, which offers godlike perception. Toji made excellent use of his “invisible man” state, which he achieved by making the most of his lack of cursed energy.

Toji’s collection of skills allowed him to eliminate the escort squad protecting the girl aboard the Star Plasma Vessel and complete his mission, but at the cost of nearly killing two of Jujutsu High’s most powerful magicians.

When Toji faced out against Satoru Gojo’s awakened Limitless method, he was no match for his pure physical prowess. While the Zenin family was aware of the Limitless’ talents, Toji was still able to devise cunning means to counter them. Hollow Purple, a top-secret technology, was the only thing that could finally take down Toji.

Another high-level sorcerer named Yuki Tsukumo discovered that the only person whose cursed energy was totally destroyed by a Heavenly Restriction was Toji. Toji was able to acquire a resistance to curses and detect them with his highly tuned five senses since he rid his body of all cursed energy.

This also gave him control over a cursed spirit that could house his vast collection of weapons. Yuki thought he was actually superhuman and told Suguru he didn’t need to feel bad about losing to him because he wasn’t human.

Toji’s body was able to overwrite her method when she was resurrected by Granny Ogami’s Séance Technique, so she fought out of pure instinct instead. Toji killed Ogami with a single blow at the start of his maniacal rampage and nearly killed grade 2 sorcerer Takuma Ino.

In addition, he single-handedly subdued a cursed spirit of the highest rank (Dagon). Maki, along with grade 1 sorcerers Kento Nanami and Naobito Zenin, were unable to break Dagon’s formidable curse. Toji, on the other hand, made exorcising Dagon appear effortless, thereby firmly establishing himself as an exorcist of an exceptional calibre.

Not long after, Toji approached Megumi, who likened him to a mature version of Maki. He realised Toji was a “monster” that could defeat a cursed spirit of the highest level, and he concluded that his shikigami were no match for Toji. Megumi would have been Toji’s next victim if he hadn’t chosen to sacrifice himself.

Master Weapons Specialist:

The Sorcerer Killer has access to a wide array of lethal implements. Rather of relying on jujutsu, he relies on weaponry as part of his combat style. His afflicted soul stores a wide arsenal, so he can quickly and easily switch between them.

Toji’s sneak attack with non-cursed weapons, like swords, means that no cursed energy can be detected. He’s a master marksman who can accurately fire a standard handgun.

The Sorcerer Killer can defend against jujitsu practitioners since he is an expert with magically enchanted implements. By using a broadsword, another cursed item, he has fought against and killed enormous demons. Toji has used bladed weapons, sometimes in tandem. In addition, he uses his Inverted Spear of Heaven, a cursed weapon of exceptional quality, with the skill of a master. Using the dagger’s nullification technique, he would be able to counteract the effects of even the most potent sorcerer’s spells.

Toji Fushiguro

Toji’s remarkable flexibility and agility with all his weapons match his physical gifts. Toji adapted his entire fighting style for use in long-range combat by affixing a chain to the Inverted Spear of Heaven. Toji borrowed Maki’s Playful Cloud, a weapon Megumi warned him was difficult to handle, and unleashed its full power during his initial confrontation with Dagon.

Toji’s five senses were elevated to their maximum potential as a result of his lack of cursed energy brought about by his Heavenly Restriction. His heightened senses allowed him to detect and eventually resist curses and jujutsu. Toji was able to follow human footsteps and odours to find the sorcerers he was after, without resorting to residuals.

Immense Strength: Toji has superhuman strength, allowing him to rip Playful Cloud from the hands of Maki, who also boasts extraordinary physical abilities. Toji was able to effortlessly break through Dagon’s toughest shikigami using the strength-based technique Playful Cloud. He broke Suguru’s strongest curse with another cursed instrument and then beat Takuma Ino’s face so horribly that he was close to death with his bare hands.

Immense Speed and Reflexes: Toji’s opponents have had difficulty anticipating his moves due to his superhuman speed. He was able to sidestep Satoru’s cursed Lapse: Blue technique before Satoru had even registered its presence. Megumi added that Toji was so incredibly quick that he could outrun Sukuna even if he only had two hands. Toji was able to evade a direct stabbing attack from Megumi during their fight, despite having his foot caught in her shadow. He was impressed that Toji’s speed rivalled that of Sukuna’s without the use of cursed energy and said that spotting him while he moved is nearly impossible.

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