The Morning Show Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Other Details

The Morning Show Season 3: The Morning Show, a drama about the inner workings of an American news show, captivated audiences and won multiple awards in 2019. Fans of the network drama series starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are eager to learn more about the show’s future.

In The Morning Show, Jennifer Aniston plays Alex Levy, the host of a hugely successful New York City breakfast news show on the UBA Network, and Bradley Jackson, a former field reporter, relates their story (Reese Witherspoon). Following a sexual misconduct controversy involving former TMS anchor Mitch Kessler, the two must restore the network’s reputation (Steve Carrell).

For both seasons, The Morning Show has discussed timely topics like the #MeToo movement and the Covid-19 asteroid. After hearing that The Morning Show has been picked up for a new season, you might wonder what’s in store for the UBA clan in this post-pandemic future.

The Morning Show Season 3 Release Date

A third season of The Morning Show will air, and that’s the good news. According to Deadline, Apple TV Plus renewed the Emmy-winning series for a third season in January 2022. There is no confirmed date for the premiere of the new season at this time.

With production beginning in September 2022, we can anticipate the third season to premiere in the fall/winter of 2023.

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The Morning Show Season 3 Plot

There may not be a storyline for season 3 of The Morning Show, but based on the season 2 conclusion and the several intriguing story threads it set up, we can have a good idea of what to expect.

The second season finale featured some shocking revelations that have sent our protagonists and antagonists on wholly new paths in life and work. To begin with, Daniel left the program, Cory’s streaming service debut bombed, and Alex caught Covid-19, leading to an on-air outburst. We also saw Cory tell Bradley how he felt about him. It’s plain to see that a lot of stuff has occurred.

There are, of course, many unanswered questions in light of everything that has transpired. In the upcoming season, viewers can expect to witness Bradley deal with Cory’s declaration of love, Alex’s aftermath of her final profanity-filled show, and the station’s efforts to weather the epidemic. We’re all wondering how UBA is making money after the massive misstep that was Cory’s streaming business and the delays in filming caused by Covid-19.

Kerry Ehrin, who created The Morning Show and served as showrunner for the pilot and second season, dropped hints about a possible time jump and a major character arc for Alex in the upcoming third season in November 2021.

She remarked, “I feel like Alex has arrived at a position of accepting who she is for the first time since the pilot,” which meant facing her anxieties. And I hope to witness her rebirth from the ashes as she discovers the joys of living in the now and the power of unconditional love.

The Morning Show Season 3 Cast


It’s safe to assume that Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon will reprise their roles as Alex Levy and Bradley Jackson on Season 3 of The Morning Shows, despite the show’s lack of official cast confirmations.

The Morning Show Season 3
The Morning Show Season 3

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Billy Crudup, set to reprise his role as UBA’s CEO, is among the other performers widely anticipated to make a comeback. Cory Ellison, Nestor Carbonell as the meteorologist Yanko Flores, and Mark Duplass as the show’s producer Charlie’ Chip’ Black. The return of Karen Pittman as producer Mia Jordan and Greta Lee as UBA’s President of News are also anticipated. A Stella Bak.

Here is the cast list for The Morning Show season 3:

  • Jennifer Aniston as Alex Levy
  • Reese Witherspoon as Bradley Jackson
  • Billy Crudup as Cory Ellison
  • Nestor Carbonell as Yanko Flores
  • Karen Pittman as Mia Jordan
  • Greta Lee as Stella Bak
  • Janina Gavankar as Alison Namazi
  • Desean Terry as Daniel Henderson
  • Mark Duplass as Chip Black
  • Holland Taylor as Cybil Richards
  • Jon Hamm as Paul Marks

Since Steve Carrell’s character, Mitch Kessler, was killed off at the end of season 2, he won’t be back for season 3. However, the character’s face could reappear in flashbacks or archival material. We will keep you posted as soon as we receive any new cast information.

The Morning Show Season 3 Trailer

There still hasn’t been The Morning Show Trailer for Season 3

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