How Many Episodes Will Devil is a Part-timer Season 2?

It feels like forever since we had an episode that, in my opinion, perfectly captured the show’s intended to appeal. This episode was a welcome change of pace following two brief storylines that had trouble striking the right tone. Wonderful antics were provided by Maou and his cronies as they wailed about their want for a television.

You may think that’s dull, but when you put it in the context of strong demons discussing the viability of basic necessities and indulging in simple pleasures, you realise it’s actually rather funny.

The exaggerated vocal acting and the cartoonish facial motions accentuate both. Even small jokes, like the one about Gabriel, the archangel of communication, struggling to make ends meet at an Internet café while he waits for the ideal moment to casually invite himself in to chat with people, are hilarious.

But the episode wasn’t all laughs; there were also significant narrative developments discussed from different perspectives. We left out last week with the idea, and confirmation, that the girl with white hair we saw a few episodes ago was in fact Emi’s mother, and that the reason she didn’t recognize her right away was that she never knew anything about her mother other than the knowledge that she was an angel.

I feel like this character’s introduction and development might have been written more clearly and directly. It was the one area where I felt the writing was lacking the most.

The ending, when Gabriel and Urushihara talked, was the best portion of the program. Gabriel has an inflated sense of his own significance and doesn’t understand why Urushihara would abandon paradise for a job working with the devils. Urushihara, however, reminds him that his current activities much surpass those he participated in with the other angels in terms of both fun and intellectual stimulation.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer
The Devil Is a Part-Timer

At first, he was sick of doing nothing but watching the world go by. His excitement and pride in himself are greater now, in the human world, where he has so little control and where he is essentially a hermit who shops online. His life is uncomplicated, but it brings him contentment.

It’s notable because this is likely the first time anyone has mentioned how much happier almost all of these people are now that they’re a part of human society rather than in their previous setting.

Emi can focus on being a hero without worrying about the church, and Maou can feel more instant success at his part-time job than he did try to unite the demon realm and failing miserably. As the season winds down, I’m hoping the programme will delve deeper into this topic and reveal more about the fantasy world’s inner workings.

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