What Does “Grey X Next To Snapchat Name” Mean?

The hidden code language developed by Snapchat’s users is only one of the app’s many interesting features. Snapchatters utilize a wide variety of abbreviations and symbols to convey various meanings.

That’s complicated even for seasoned Snapchatters to wrap their heads around, let alone Snapchat newbies. In this sense, “X” is a code.

Do you have an X in your Snapchat and have no idea what it means?

What Does “Grey X Next To Snapchat Name” Mean?

If it appears next to a Snapchat user’s name, it’s possible that person has blocked you.

As a result, you are unable to interact with them in any way, including reading their posts, and sending them snaps, texts, or friend requests. They will also be unable to send you images, view your photos, or contact you via text message once you have blocked them.

A grey X may display next to the person’s name on Snapchat if that person has removed you from his or her friend list.

If you no longer want to be Snapchat friends with someone, a grey X will show next to their name. You have removed them as a friend on Snapchat.

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Grey Box on Snapchat But Still Friends:

Both yes and no. Even if a grey box appears next to a friend’s Snapchat name, you can still be friends with that person. The fact that there is a grey box next to the person’s name does not necessarily mean that they have accepted your friend request.

If you have never communicated with someone on Snapchat, the grey box will simply say that.

The ability to transmit and receive photos and videos, known as “snaps,” is Snapchat’s primary function. Mainly, there are only two Snapchat icons: the send and receive icons.

x mean on snapchat
x mean on snapchat

Two snap icons—a circle to receive snaps and an arrow to send them. A grey square next to a Snapchatter’s name indicates that you have never snapped with that individual.

Perhaps the person has not accepted your friend request, and thus you cannot send them snaps.

X Next to Snapchat Conversation:

If there is an x next to a chat on Snapchat, the other user has either rejected your friend request, blocked you, or removed you from their friend list.

Final Words:

The ability to send and receive messages in a secret code using emojis is a feature that sets Snapchat apart. Snapchat has its own set of secret codes for communicating with friends.

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