Why Does The Omni-Man Murder Guardians?

A fictional superhero and supervillain named Nolan Grayson, also known as Omni-Man, is featured in the Image Universe, a line of comic books published by Image Comics. The character was expanded upon from an idea by Alan Moore and Chris Sprouse by Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker.

A person of the powerful Viltrumite race, an alien species with extraordinary abilities. Omni-Man is a superhero secretly operating on Earth as Nolan Grayson, a best-selling book. He marries Debbie, and their son Mark, later known as Invincible, is born.

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Who Are The Guardians?

The Guardians of the Globe are a superhero group that goes by the moniker “the world’s best superheroes” in the Image universe. They are loosely based on the Justice League of America and mostly appear in the Invincible comic book narrative.

Darkwing, the monarch of Atlantis (based on Aquaman), Immortal, War Woman, Green Ghost, and Martian Man-made comprised the first team. Darkwing was modeled after Batman, Immortal after Superman, and Wonder Woman after Wonder Woman (based on Martian Manhunter). Omni-Man, who is also based on Superman, was never a part of the team in an official capacity. Still, he was a close friend and trusted colleague of the Guardians who had access to their Utah base of operations and knew the password.

_Omni Man Kill the Guardians
_Omni Man Kill the Guardians

Why Did Omni-Man Kill The Guardians?

Towards the end of the first episode of Season 1, Omni-Man does the shocking deed of killing the Guardians. The entire team receives a priority alert to assemble at their headquarters, but when they do, they discover that none of them was the one who raised the alarm. When they start to become nervous, Omni-Man charges at them and starts killing all of the group members before collapsing to the ground.

Unless the audience had previously read the comics, the murder was abrupt and out of context, therefore they weren’t able to fully comprehend the motivation behind Omni-actions Man’s until Episode 8.

After killing Immortal earlier in the story, he attacked Omni-Man as he was defending a carnival from a monster onslaught and demanding to know why he killed the Guardians.

When Invincible sees both of them engaged in combat, he leaps to his father’s defence and engages Invincible. Omni-Man defeats Immortal by chopping him in half and impaling him. At that point, Omni-Man confides in Mark about his true beginnings as a Viltrumite and the rationale behind why he killed the Guardians.

The Viltrumites are a fierce alien warrior race that used planet conquest to further their dominion. They were infamous throughout the cosmos for their deeds. The remaining Viltrumites deploy each of their most vital officers to a different planet after a virus decimates half of their people to weaken that planet’s defenses and ultimately conquer it.

To learn more about the planet’s defenses and weaken them, Omni-Man was brought to Earth, where he established a family. Omni-Man was planning to take over Earth, which started with the killing of the Guardians while posing as Earth’s greatest hero.

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