Instructions For Accessing Socrative As An Educator!

Designed to streamline online education processes, including group work, assignment sharing, and feedback, Socrative is a learning management system (LMS). Socrative is an online community where kids, parents, and teachers may get help with their schoolwork from one another. Teachers, students, and parents can all use the Socrative Login page to enter their own accounts.

Teacher Account: A teacher or the school itself sets up an account of this kind. In order to establish classes and manage students, a teacher account is required. A Socrative Classroom administrator will be in charge of site-wide settings for the entire class. This is the sole option for parents or guardians who wish to communicate with their children via email.

Student Account: The online classroom platform Socrative allows students to participate in lectures with a code provided by their instructor. As a student, you only need one account for all of your courses.

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Parent Account: Typically, parents create this type of account on Socrative in order to keep tabs on their child’s academic progress. In an online learning environment, parents take on a completely distinct role. With a Parent account, parents can see their children’s messages, assignments, grades, and teacher announcements.

Socrative Login for Students:

  • Please see your instructor for a Code.
  • Use your username and password to enter You can sign in with a variety of services, including Google, Facebook, and Apple, or by entering an email address manually.
  • To add a new class, select the “+” button at the very top.
  • Please enter the class code provided by your instructor and then select Join.

If the secret code is entered, the Class your teacher made will appear in the menu on the left. In the event that it is locked, you will be added to a queue for approval.

Socrative Login for Parent:

You can monitor your kid’s or kids’ development in Socrative to cater to their specific educational requirements.

  • Visit and click the Parents option to enter your login credentials and access your parent dashboard. You may sign in using your Google or Facebook account, or you can create a new account and log in with that. Please specify the registration choice you made.
  • To continue, please enter your password and click the Login button.

Create a Parent Account in Socrative using your child’s unique Parent Code only after your child has created a Student Account. When you sign up for a Parent Account, you will have access to view your child’s Class/Group.

socrative login
socrative login

How To Add A Student?

Sign into your Socrative account, then click “Add a Child” on the navigation bar to the left. An additional option is to go to your Account Settings, where you’ll find a “Student” tab on the left panel and an “Add Student” button. Enter the code to access your student’s profile. To add more students to your account, simply repeat the process.

How To Find Socrative Code?

Socrative’s student tab is located on each individual class, not the teacher dashboard. If you need to access it, select or create a class first. The section for students may be found in the top right corner of the site; this is where you will find your class code.

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