What Does Sent As Sms via Server Mean?

Regarding Android devices, RCS is now more widely used than SMS. A new text receipt “delivered as SMS through server” appears when sending RCS messages from Android’s messaging app.

Since this is the case, users have no way of knowing whether their texts have been received, delivered, or read. There are some internet users who are confused by the “Sent as SMS via server” notice that shows on their text receipts after sending an RCS communication.

What Does “SMS via Server” Mean?

When customers send a message from their advanced messaging-enabled Android device, they receive a separate message receipt that states “sent as SMS through server” instead of the usual receipts comprising delivered, sent, or received.

When an RCS communication is sent, a text receipt may show with the words “Sent as SMS through Server.” This phrase has confused some internet users. The server has sent you an SMS message.

RCS Chat, short for Rich Communication Services, is a new approach on texting that integrates features from services like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

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Like other rich chat applications, this interactive protocol allows for group discussions, video, audio, and high-resolution photos. Beginning in November of 2020, RCS has been Android’s primary text platform thanks to Google’s efforts.

There have been several instances of this text receipt replacing the more common read receipts such as Sent, Delivered, Read, etc., while sending RCS communications.

How Do I Stop The Server From Sending Me an SMS?

Unfortunately, many Android users have no idea how to prevent their SMS messages from being sent through a server. It’s easy to do with the below-listed methods.

Method 1: Enable The “Show When Delivered” Option

The following steps will enable it:

  • Use your phone’s texting programme.
  • If you want to change more options, go to the Settings menu and choose More Settings.
  • Choose the primary menu item, “Text Messages,” next.
  • In this case, the by-default-hidden “show when delivered” option will become visible.
  • Set it to “on” to activate it. Then you can check to see if the problem is still there by sending a message.

Method 2: Wipe The Cache Partition On The Device

What does it mean to receive SMS messages via server and how can I avoid receiving them? is a common question among Android users. Several Android apps’ temporary logs, files, or bits are kept in the device’s cache.

When you clear the cache, you should not worry about losing any of your configuration, data, or apps.

When the cache is emptied, the junk data no longer required is erased. Put away your electronic gadgets. Get a hold of the volume up and home buttons and hold them together. Now, activate the smartphone by pressing and holding the power button.

Sent as Sms via Server Meaning Samsung
Sent as Sms via Server, Meaning Samsung

When the device vibrates, release the power button; when the Android logo displays, remove the other two buttons. You can move through the options by continually pressing the volume-down button.

Method 3: Switch To Safe Mode

It is feasible to learn what is sent as SMS through a server and how to stop it in a number of different methods. One possible solution to this issue is to use your phone in “safe mode.” It will help you figure out if a third-party programme is to blame for the issue.

Follow the steps below to:

  • Please silence your cell phone. Hold down the power button until the logo appears on the screen after turning on the phone.
  • Then, keep your finger on the volume-down button.
  • In the lower-left corner of your display, the safe mode should show if you followed the steps correctly.
  • By selecting “OK,” you’ll force a safe reboot of your device.
  • You can isolate the offending program by first entering safe mode and then systematically removing any recently installed software.

Method 4: Repairing The Operating System By ReiBoot For Android

The text “received as an SMS through the server” could have been caused by a bug in the server’s system software. Such problems are trivial for ReiBoot for Android to fix.

A multitude of problems, including app crashes, unexpected battery depletion, and phones stuck on the Samsung logo, can be remedied with the help of ReiBoot for Android’s ability to clear the Android system’s cache and cope with black and blue displays. If you have an Android device and are seeking for a single programme to fix everything, go no further than ReiBoot for Android.

Step 1: Download ReiBoot on your computer to fix Android. Tap on the “Repair Android System” option after connecting the Android to the PC.

Step 2: A “Repair Now” option will show on the computer screen. To repair the Android, select this option.

Step 3: You must provide information about your Android, such as the brand, series, and model, as well as other characteristics.

Step 4: Once selecting the device details, the firmware package will begin to download.

Step 6: It will take about ten minutes to complete this process. Throughout the process, make sure your phone is linked to the computer

Sent As An SMS Via Server Message

Like other rich messaging apps, this interactive protocol enables the sending and receiving of group discussions, video, audio, and high-resolution photographs. Google started promoting RCS as Android’s principal testing platform in November 2020.

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