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Procentive is an EHR system that, like many others in the Meaningful Use category, has been trying to increase its visibility in the market. Procentive’s pricing and feature plans may be suitable for everyone but sole or part-time practitioners who want integrated insurance filing. In the same vein as other corporate systems, their feature set may be too complex for the average user.

Procentive is an option worth exploring for those looking for a powerful feature set and flexible configuration options. Some may be interested in Procentive’s “BillCare” package, which makes use of the company’s billing employees for further efficiency.

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With the BillCare plan, you can pay a flat rate or a portion of your total revenue instead of paying a monthly cost per user. In exchange, you have complete access to the EHR, along with comprehensive billing and claim submission assistance.

It is impossible to explain all of the capabilities that come with Procentive, as is the case with other MU Certified EHRs. But first, let’s go over the highlights. Procentive’s adaptable dashboard is one of the software’s best features. Because of this, users can organize the system’s data in a way that makes sense to them by breaking it down into bite-sized chunks.

In addition, the dashboard is customizable per the user’s needs. Additionally, Procentive provides a robust client portal that includes the option to personalize the look and feel of the forms that are made available to the customer (These forms have to be created by the Procentive team for a fee).

From the status notes to the reports, almost everything is adaptable. A robust waiting list function in Procentive allows you to note the waiting client’s preferred appointment days and hours, which is a nice touch that’s lacking in many other systems. Appointment reminders can be set for any time range as well.

The interface and workflow of Procentive are the areas most in need of enhancement. The interface excels in several places (such as the Dashboard) and has the potential to significantly improve productivity. However, there are a few spots where the flow is a little off until you get used to it.

Procentive Login
Procentive Login

Many of the navigation buttons are small and obscured in corners, and not all mandatory fields are labeled as such. There is no clear indication that a new record has been created, which can be frustrating. There are some features that are used frequently in a practice that isn’t as easy to access as I would have liked.

As a result of a few design choices, Procentive can be difficult to utilize on a tablet. The “large system designed for clinics” vibe that Procentive gives off can be changed with enough tweaking, though.

Thanks to Procentive’s comprehensive training materials, the program’s first learning curve may be conquered with relative ease. After you’ve gotten over the initial learning curve, the extensive set of features will likely have you looking past the product’s flaws.

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