How To Get Madden 24 50% Offer? All You Need To Know

There is a recent development that has to be examined in light of Madden 24. Many Madden 23 Franchise mode saves were accidentally deleted during the holiday season and were never retrieved, which caused a serious dilemma for EA Sports.

Although the unrecovered saved games are regrettably lost forever, the publisher has announced a number of actions to make up for the impacted users. One of these solutions is an offer from EA Sports, which offers a 50% discount on Madden NFL 24 to anyone who has a lost Franchise mode save file from Madden NFL 23.

In this article, we will explain how to take advantage of the 50% discount and explain how Madden 24 differs from Madden 23 in a number of ways…

How to Get the Madden 24 50% Offer?

Users are required to register a Madden account with their full names and email addresses before starting the Madden 23 game for the first time. EA Sports can convey crucial information about the video game in this way. EA sent this information regarding the 50% offer through email, which also described the underlying cause of the problem.

Madden 24 Discount
Madden 24 Discount

They claim that during the holiday season, the file server storage reached its maximum capacity, which caused unused legacy code to damage accessed leagues. Parallel process problems led to the destruction of numerous accessible backups, aggravating the initial storage issue.

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Multiple circumstances came together to generate this technical blunder, but EA Sports says that their staff has thoroughly investigated the fundamental cause with the help of technical specialists. To make sure that such an issue never happens again, they are actively improving their infrastructure, programming, and procedures.

As a result, the impacted parties can simply redeem the Madden 24 offer by clicking on a link that EA Sports will provide to their registered email address.

Is Madden 24 Better Than Madden 23?

Madden 24 Discount
Madden 24 Discount

Madden 24 is superior to Madden 23 for a few important factors. This is why:

Madden Mini Games Make a Long-awaited Return

Mini-games have been sorely missed by the Madden community, and Madden 24 satisfies their cries. These mini-games, which were a cherished component of the PS2 era, have triumphantly returned in Madden 24.

Players have lots to love in Madden’s newest incarnation with 25 mini-games available at launch, including thrilling challenges like Close Quarters and passing target mini-games.

Superstar Mode is Back

Superstar Mode is back and better than ever because with the right coaching, your player may progress from a recruited rookie to a Hall of Famer. EA is implying that the simulation-focused method it introduced last year is still in use by bringing back the highly lauded Superstar mode.

The Yard Just Became a Superstar Showdown

Few comebacks are as motivating as “The Yard,” which went from being underutilized in Madden 23 to becoming one of the game’s key highlights in 24.

The Yard has completely changed into a new mode called Superstar Showdown after being left orphaned in the previous year’s iteration. This move has received positive feedback from critics, who acknowledge its benefits and appeal. For more details see the tweet below:

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