How To Earn Money In Gcash? How Does It Work?

There are numerous ways to make money, which is no secret. Also, deciding which option is ideal for you might be challenging, given the abundance of choices. This blog post will go over five of the top GCash money-making strategies.

These pointers can assist you in getting started, whether you’re a student searching for a method to earn some additional money or a business owner seeking fresh ideas to boost sales! Read on for five fantastic ways to use GCash to earn extra money, whether you’re ready to start making some big money or want to explore your choices!

Invest Using GInvest

GInvest is a fantastic method to make money or save money on GCash, and the best part is that you may invest as little as 50php. The top asset manager where you can purchase asset funds is ATRAM. Afterward, ATRAM lends your money to government agencies or buys stock from corporations.

You don’t have to pay sales taxes or register a bank account with GInvest, which is an additional benefit. Using your GCash App makes it simple to keep track of your progress.

How Does It work?

By buying asset units at a discount and selling them at a higher price using your GCash App, you can make money with GInvest. The drawback is that you could lose money if you sell your assets for less.

How To Earn Money In Gcash

How to Invest using GInvest?

Step 1: Open your GCash App and Log in

Step 2: Go to the GInvest Option

To find GInvest, you might need to choose “View all GCash Services.”

Step 3: Fill in the Risk Profile Questionnaire

Step 4: Click “View Details” and Select Investment Funds

Step 5: Purchase desired units

You can invest as little as 50 PHP in local funds, but 1,000 PHP is the minimum amount to invest in international funds.

Step 6: Wait for your order to be processed.
Order processing could take up to three business days.

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Earn By Inviting People

You can make up to 50 PHP for each sign-up by giving your referral link to friends. Before you get compensated for the recommendation, your referrer must validate their GCash account and perform their first cash-in. By inviting friends, you can make up to 1,250 PHP per month.

How to Earn Using GCash Referral?

Step 1: Open your GCash App and Log in

Step 2: Go to “Profile”

Step 3: Select “Refer Friends” on the sidebar Menu

Step 4: Select how you would like to Invite your Friend

You can invite pals using Messenger, SMS, a QR code, or Facebook. You will be routed to your chosen channel after making your choice so that you can ask your friends.

Sell Prepaid Load in GCash

This is one of the most typical GCash money-making opportunities. The load may be purchased from 5 PHP to 1,000 PHP with GCash for all networks, including Smart, Globe, TNT, and TM. You may also sell Load through a variety of prepaid promotions.

How does it work?

With all prepaid load purchases, you receive a 5% discount. As a result, if you load 100 PHP using GCash, for instance, you receive 5 PHP. Although it may not seem like much, it adds up, and if you have an extensive network of friends and family, it may be a lucrative side job.

How to Sell Load using GCash?

Step 1: Open your GCash App and Log in

Step 2: Tap the “Buy Load” icon on your screen

Step 3: Enter the recipient’s mobile number

Step 4: Select the amount of Load or promo and click next

Step 5: Verify payment and receive a notification via SMS

Save and Earn Interest

GCash is a GSave account that offers annual earnings of up to 3.10%. This is relatively high compared to institutions that provide 1% interest yearly. Deposit the necessary amount into your GSavings account and earn up to 3,100 PHP annually for savings worth 100,000 PHP.

How to Save and Earn Interest with GSave?

Step 1: Open your GCash App and Log In

Step 2: Click the “Save Money” Icon

Step 3:Fill up the requested information

A “GSave Registration Success” page will appear when you submit the form.

Step 4: Select how to make a deposit

You can manually deposit by choosing “Make a Deposit” and inputting the desired amount. Using the “Schedule Auto Deposit” feature, which automatically deposits a certain amount on your selected date, is an additional choice.

Step 5: Wait for the SMS confirming your account.

How to Earn Money in Gcash?- Play Gaoma Games on Gcash

This is a terrific chance if you enjoy playing mobile games online. You can win money by participating in mobile game tournaments offered by GCash. The Goama Games are skill-based and frequently cost money to enter.

How it Works?

To win cash awards, you must rank first on the scoreboard for the game. In the “Run Ninja Run” game, for instance, you would pay an entry fee of 10 PHP and can win 500 PHP if you come in first, 200 PHP for fifth place, 120 PHP for sixth through the tenth place, and so on.

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