How To Download Fitbit App For Windows 10

All activity trackers come with their own dedicated mobile apps. The applications are companion apps for the tracker that can be used to update the tracker’s firmware and sync data from the tracker to your phone. After that, it will upload the data to an online account that you have created, making it accessible to you whenever you want to review it.

The Fitbit App For Windows 10

Most activity trackers do not require a mobile app in order to function properly. They will function properly without your intervention as long as you remember to charge them. The tracker is unable to store a lot of information, and the majority of them are unable to connect to the internet directly.

How To Download Fitbit App
How To Download Fitbit App

This is why there are apps on the tracker.  Bluetooth and various mobile applications are what allow them to accomplish all of this. If you have a Fitbit and are using Windows 10, you have the option of using a desktop application rather than a mobile application.

Install Fitbit App On Windows 10

The Microsoft Store currently offers downloads of the official Fitbit app for Windows 10 computers. This application has the capability to sync your data, pair it with your Fitbit tracker, and download and install firmware updates when they become available.

  • Navigate to the page for the Fitbit Microsoft Store in your web browser.
  • Click Get.
  • When prompted to do so, open the Microsoft Store application.
  • Click Get.
  • There will be a Fitbit installed.

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Configure Fitbit On Windows 10

You can connect your Fitbit device to the desktop application and sync data to it. You must have an account with Fitbit. It is costless to create. Additionally, it would help if you had the charging cable for your device in order to connect it and sync the data.

  • Connect your Fitbit to Windows 10 using the appropriate data cable.
  • Launch Fitbit’s application on Windows 10.
  • To connect a device, select it from the list of available devices.
  • Accept the conditions of service.
  • Click Configure device.
  • Authenticate if prompted on the device.
  • You are connecting the device to your Windows 10 system.
  • Return to the dashboard to synchronize your data.

Note: You can sync data via Bluetooth, but you will need a data cable to establish the initial connection, i.e., add a tracker to the app.

Conclusion: When you connect your Fitbit for the first time, Windows 10 may install the necessary drivers. Until these drivers are installed, the Fitbit app may not recognize your device. If so, disconnect and reconnect the device once its drivers have been installed. The Fitbit app for Windows 10 is compatible with a large number of devices; however, if you own an older or discontinued device, it may not be supported.

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