Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Vs. Watch 5 Pro: Which Smartwatch is Best For You?

With a focus on outdoor activities, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro in 2022, directly competing with watch users who desired sophisticated smartwatch capabilities like Garmin, Coros, and Polar.

Even though it missed one or two fitness capabilities, we evaluated the wearable and commended it for providing the best of both worlds. Samsung today unveiled the Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic, two new Galaxy wearables, but it will still sell the Watch 5 Pro.

Even though the Watch 6 Classic has the most recent Samsung Exynos CPU, consumers who require more tough wear still like the Watch 5 Pro. The Watch 5 Pro is now more functional than ever thanks to recent software updates.

Let’s look at the main distinctions between the two so you can make a more informed choice…

Why You Should Buy the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic?

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Vs Galaxy Watch 5
Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Vs Galaxy Watch 5

The Rotating Bezel Appeals to You

With the Galaxy Watch 5 series from a year ago, Samsung did away with the rotating bezel in favor of a larger touch area that mimicked the physical design element. It simply didn’t feel the same, though. Fans of Samsung watches bemoaned the bezel’s removal, and many will undoubtedly welcome it back.

Similar to how I find myself rarely utilizing the S Pen on a Galaxy phone, I’ve had a couple of Samsung watches with the bezel and honestly barely utilized it once the first novelty phase wore off.

However, I am aware that many customers appreciate the tactile sensation of a rotating bezel, and this particular feature sets the Galaxy experience apart from that of rivals.

You Want the Biggest Samsung Watch Display

The Watch 6 Classic 47mm variant sports a 1.5-inch Super AMOLED screen with a 480 x 480-pixel resolution. You can see the display in the majority of lighting circumstances, though not all of them, thanks to its max brightness of 2,000 nits.

This large display will probably use more battery power, especially if you intend to use the always-on display, but Samsung makes up for that with a bigger battery. In this comprehensive study, we’ll examine how it actually performs.

You Want the Latest and Greatest

With the most modern Samsung Exynos processor, Bluetooth, and Google Wear OS powered by Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic debuts with these features. Samsung provides software updates for older watches every couple of years.

For more details about Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic:

However, it is pleasant to have a new watch with the most recent software already installed. The Watch 6 Classic upgrade may not cost you much money since you can receive good trade-in discounts when you buy the most recent watch.

Why You Should Buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro?

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Vs Galaxy Watch 5
Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Vs Galaxy Watch 5

You Want Support for Routes

The Watch 5 Pro’s support for GPS exchange format (GPX) files for riding and hiking is one of its main “Pro” features. Since running and walking are now enabled, the value of GPX files for those who engage in these activities has substantially improved.

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Your Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be more helpful for tracking progress and your performance in completing those routes if you wear it more frequently and establish regular routes. You can use your watch to help you traverse unfamiliar locations by building up a library of routes.

You Want the Longest Battery Life on a Samsung Watch

With a big 590mAh battery, Samsung promises that the Watch 5 Pro can operate for up to 80 hours. A 425mAh battery powering the biggest Watch 6 Classic is said to provide a 40-hour battery life.

Additionally, you may receive up to 20 hours of GPS tracking with the Watch 5 Pro, which is more than enough to cover the majority of outdoor activities. I’ve found that I can use my watch for easily more than two full days without charging, which is better than any other smartwatch I’ve tried.

You Appreciate Flagship Features at an Affordable Price

Even with the greater capacity battery, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is significantly lighter than the Watch 6 Classic thanks to its titanium construction. Glass made of sapphire crystal is more resistant to fracture and scratches.

Mine still appears almost perfect even after a year of heavy use on trails and bad weather. With its straightforward magnetic latch technology and reliable attachment, the D-Buckle Sport band is another one of my favorite watch bands.

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