Apple Watch Series 9 Leak, Price, Release Date And More

Sometime in the fall, the Apple Watch Series 9 is anticipated to make its official debut alongside the iPhone 15 series. The Apple Watch Series 9 hasn’t even been officially announced yet, but people are already talking about it. The next Apple watch hasn’t been revealed in any specific detail yet, but there are rumors beginning to surface in the shadows of the Internet.

And if you’ve been following us for a long, you know that we’re always willing to share rumors with you about the latest in technology. As information (leaks and rumors) becomes available, we are compiling everything you need to know about the Apple Watch Series 9 in this post.

You’ll be as informed about the upcoming Apple wearable as we are because we’ll have all the most recent rumors and leaks as they emerge. However, there isn’t much information accessible right now, so we’ll also make some assumptions about the device based on our own experience.

There was dubious speculation recently that Series 9 would be dubbed Series X. No trustworthy leakers have as of yet verified this information. In addition, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg recently said that the Series 9 may only be a small update that concentrates on a new chipset.

The chip will be an improved version based on the A15, according to the analyst’s most recent statement. Let’s be more specific about what to anticipate from Apple’s upcoming high-end wristwatch…

Apple Watch Series 9 Expected Release Date

There have been no confirmed rumors about the launch date of the Apple Watch Series 9 up to this point. The next premium wristwatch is likely to be unveiled in September 2023, while Apple has generally been consistent with its announcements and releases of smartwatches. Like (nearly) every year, it will likely be officially announced simultaneously with the iPhone 15 series.

Device family Announcement Market release
Apple Watch Series 4 September 12, 2018 September 21, 2018
Apple Watch Series 5 September 10, 2019 September 20, 2019
Apple Watch Series 6 September 15, 2020 September 18, 2020
Apple Watch Series 7 September 14, 2021 October 15, 2021
Apple Watch Series 8 September 7, 2022 September 16, 2022
Apple Watch Series 9 September 2023 (probable date) September 2023 (probable date)

Apple Watch Series 9 Rumored Price

There have been no price leaks for the Apple Watch Series 9 as you might expect (simply based on the fact that there are still about six months till the official release). But based on other years, we anticipate that the cost will remain the same.

The starting price for the Apple Watch Series 8 is $399, the same as for earlier high-end models. Therefore, for now, we presume that the Series 9 will also launch at $399. Don’t hesitate to bookmark this page to stay up to date on all we know about the Apple Watch 9. As information on the Apple Watch 9 leaks, we’ll post it here.

Apple Watch model 41mm GPS only 45mm GPS only 41mm GPS + Cellular 45mm GPS + Cellular
Apple Watch Series 7 $399 $429 $499 $529
Apple Watch Series 8 $399 $429 $499 $529
Apple Watch Series 9 $399 (anticipated price) $429 (anticipated price) $499 (anticipated price) $529 (anticipated price)

Apple Watch Series 9 Rumored Design

It’s still a little early to see any renderings of the Apple Watch Series 9 that might reveal its appearance. It is reasonable to assume Apple won’t change its design strategy so frequently. This effectively suggests that the Apple Watch Series 9 will likely feature two casing sizes: 41mm and 45mm.

Apple Watch Series 9 Leak
Apple Watch Series 9 Leak

Aluminum and stainless steel (and even titanium for a more premium version) will likely be your options for the case material. Some rumors (or wishful thinking, depending on how they age) suggest that the Series 9 may borrow some styling cues from the Apple Watch Ultra.

The Apple Watch Ultra is larger, heavier, and has a tougher appearance. Although that does sound fantastic, it seems more likely that Apple will introduce the Apple Watch Ultra 2 rather than make the Series 9 seem particularly athletic.

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Apple Watch Series 9 Expected Display Specs

A major step in the right way was taken by Apple with wearable screens with the release of the Apple Watch Series 7 in 2021. When compared to the Series 6, the display increased in size and the bezels became substantially slimmer.

The Series 8 on the other hand, kept the display almost exactly the same and essentially only changed the Watch faces from the earlier iterations. The Always-On Retina display on the Series 8 has a screen that is scratch- and dust-resistant, and it is pleasantly bright outside.

We can only conjecture because there haven’t been any leaks about the Series 9’s display. Although the miniLED display (found in MacBooks and the iPad Pro) is something we would prefer Apple to use, we are unsure if the technology will make it into the Series 9 at this time.

Given that the Series 8 didn’t provide anything particularly innovative in this area, it would be fantastic if Apple decided to enhance its displays significantly the next year.

Apple Watch Series 9 Rumored Battery

Apple needs to give the battery life of Apple Watches some serious consideration. Although the Apple Watch Ultra has a longer battery life, not everyone wants to wear such a large smartwatch all day (and night). The battery life of the Apple Watch has so far stayed largely constant.

The Series 8 has a battery life of up to 18 hours and a new Low Power Mode that can extend that time to 36 hours. However, we are aware that comparable products with longer battery lives are available. There are currently no leaks on it, although we do anticipate an improvement in the Series 9’s battery life.

See Mark Gurman tweet below:

In the worst situation, the battery stays the same. Many individuals don’t find this to be a deal-breaker because the watch charges very quickly. Speaking of charging, the Series 8 can be charged from 0% to 80% in around 45 minutes using an Apple USB-C Magnetic Fast Charging Cable and a fast charging brick, according to official Apple literature.

With the Series 9, we might see some improvements here, but even if Apple decides to maintain this pace, we think it’s very respectable.

Apple Watch Series 9 Features and Software We Expect

With their health-related features, Apple Watches are highly popular, and the Series 9 is likely to carry on the tradition. The Series 9 of Apple Watches will certainly have the standard functionality we find on more expensive models. These include monitoring for blood oxygen levels, sleep patterns, emergency SOS, and heart rate.

Crash Detection was introduced with the Series 8, and it’s likely to return with the Series 9. Additionally, we anticipate that Series 9 will have the body temperature tracking feature from Series 8 (for women’s health). Hopefully, it won’t simply be a feature for women’s cycle tracking, but also for routine body temperature monitoring.

Of course, the Series 9 should also come with a ton of training options. We anticipate Apple to expand on the existing wide variety of fitness options available on the Series 8. With Series 9, we anticipate many of the current health and fitness functions to be improved.

Should I Wait for the Apple Watch Series 9?

It’s still too early to say with any certainty what the upgrades for the upcoming Apple Watch will be. Since the Series 9 won’t be officially unveiled for another six months, if you’re in the market for a new Apple Watch right now, you might as well go out and buy one.

If you now own a Series 7 and are considering an upgrade, you might want to hold off until you can decide whether it will be worthwhile to purchase a Series 9 in the fall of 2023.

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