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Steins;Gate Characters
Steins;Gate Characters

Who Is The Female Protagonist In Steins Gate?

5pb. and Nitroplus released the science fiction visual novel game Steins;Gate in 2009. It follows Chaos;Head as the sequel to the first game in the Science Adventure series. In the story, a group of students learn about and create a device that allows them to alter the past. Interactions in Steins;Gate can go in a variety of directions, creating branching scenarios.

On October 15, 2009, Steins;Gate was made available on Xbox 360. Windows got the game on August 26, 2010, PSP on June 23, 2011, iOS on August 25, 2011, PS3 on May 24, 2012, PSVita on March 14, 2013, and Android on June 27, 2013.

The creators of the game have categorised it as a “hypothesised scientific advertisement ” PQube released the PS3 and Vita versions in North America and Europe in 2015, while JAST USA released the PC version on March 31, 2014 (both digitally and as a physical collector’s edition). And on September 9, 2016, the English iOS version was published.

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The game was also adapted into a manga by Yomi Sarachi, which was serialised from 2009 to 2013, and then published in North America in 2015 and 2016. On December 28, 2009, publication of a second manga illustrated by Kenji Mizuta began in Mag Garden’s Monthly Comic Blade.

White Fox’s anime adaptation premiered in Japan from April 6th to September 14th, 2011, and Funimation has acquired the rights to distribute the series in the Americas. On the 20th of April, 2013, a Japanese animated film made its debut. Steins;Gate: My Darling’s Embrace, a fan disc for the game, was released on June 16, 2011.

Steins Gate Characters

Okabe Rintaro

The protagonist of Steins;Gate is Okabe Rintaro, and the player takes on his or her role. Okabe is a peculiar man; he calls himself a mad scientist and goes by the alias Hououin Kyouma ayuri; Daru, however, calls him “Okarin,” a fusion of his family name and first name. He has established what he calls the “Future Gadget Laboratory” in Akihabara and named himself “Mr. Gadget.”

Okabe seems insane and paranoid, what with his constant mentions of the “Organization” after him, his frequent use of the phone, and his bouts of manic laughter. It is for this reason that he is called a chunibyou by his peers, particularly Kurisu and Daru. He adopts an arrogant demeanour for the most part. He typically dresses in a white lab coat. As his time travel studies continue, he realises that he alone possesses the ability to detect variations between times, a skill he calls “Reading Steiner.” At 18, he is a freshman at Tokyo Denki University.

Makise Kurisu

Lab Member No. 004 and the game’s main protagonist, Makise Kurisu. She’s 18 and doing research in neuroscience at an American institution; she’s fluent in English. Makise is incredibly gifted, as evidenced by the publication of her research in Science, a prestigious academic magazine.

By American standards, she was a year ahead of her peers. Okabe typically just calls her “assistant” or one of the several nicknames he comes up with, like “Christina,” “the Zombie,” and “Celeb Sev,” all of which annoy her to varied degrees. She is a kind sundere, but she takes offence when people (especially Daru) label her as one.

She and her father have not been on speaking terms for a long time. She uses the handle “KuriGohan and Kamehameha” when she posts on chan, the game’s equivalent of 2channel; this handle also appears on Kaito Yashio’s PokeCom tablet in episode 9 of Robotics;Notes.

Shiina Mayuri

Lab Member No. 002 and longtime best friend since childhood, Shiina Mayuri is also a bit of an airhead. Shiina has a part-time job at the “Mayqueen Nyannyan” maid café, and her hobby is making cosplay outfits. Mayushii is a combination of her first and last names, and it is also what Daru calls her. Her arrival and introductions are usually accompanied by a sung rendition of her signature tuttur, revealing her unusual sing-song delivery.

She lost her grandma several years before under mysterious circumstances, and Okabe made her his “hostage” to keep her from falling apart. His entire quirky image is for her benefit. She’s in her second year at a prestigious private high school for college-bound teens and she’s only 16 years old.

Hashida “Daru” Itaru

Hashida Itaru is Lab Member No. 003 and a seasoned hacker who has known Okabe since they were both in high school. He is a master of both antiquated and cutting-edge computer hardware and programming languages. Otaku culture is another area in which he excels.

“Daru” is a portmanteau of his first and last names that he has earned among Okabe and Shiina. Super Hacka is a mispronunciation of “hacker” that Okabe occasionally uses, much to his chagrin. As a result of his attraction to Faris, he is always pursuing her sexually. Daru gets frustrated with Okabe’s constant irrationality. Like Okabe, he is a first-year student at Tokyo Denki University and is 19 years old.

Kiryu Moeka

Okabe meets Lab Member No. 005, a tall girl named Kiryu Moeka, while shopping in Akihabara. Moeka is looking for an IBN 5100 personal computer. The mere attempt to take Kiryu’s phone from her hands is enough to set her off. She has a severe case of social anxiety and would rather text someone than speak to them, even if they were standing directly in front of her. nicknames her Shining Finger (Japanese:, transliteration: The age she is at now is 20.

Steins;Gate Characters
Steins;Gate Characters

Urushibara Ruka

Okabe’s friend and fellow Lab Member 006 is Urushibara Ruka. A product of his upbringing in his father’s temple, he takes on a female persona and dresses as a girl both inside and outside of the building. He’s Shiina’s best friend and fellow student at school, and she’s often trying to get him to model her cosplay outfits, but he’s too bashful to do it. Okabe considers Ruka to be his student and has given her the feminine nickname Rukako. His age is given as 16.

Faris NyanNyan

Lab Member No. 007 and top waitress at the “MayQueen NyanNyan” maid cafe where Shiina also works is named Faris NyanNyan. Her given name is Akiha Rumiho. Akihabara is owned by her family, and she was instrumental in turning it into the mecca for all things cute and cutesy in Japan. She frequently interjects “meow” into conversations. Currently, she is 17 years old.

Amane Suzuha

Akihabara resident and Lab Member No. 008 Amane Suzuha is now looking for her missing father while working part-time for Okabe’s landlord. She likes to ride bicycles and seems to have issues with Makise. Her true identity as the future daughter of Daru and time traveller going by the name Hashida Suzu is eventually revealed.

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