How To Check sslr Local Application V1 & V2 Status?

Here, you can file and check information about this Survey Settlement and Land Records and the local application for the V1 segment. If not, you can usually find the application form for the v1 segment of Survey Settlement and Land Records by doing a web search.

What Is sslr local Application V2?

SSLR or Survey Settlement and Land Records local application V2 is the same as V1, and if you want to apply, look at a sketch, or see any kind of map, you can do any of those things with it.

They know everything about your land, and this is also where you can apply for v2. To make things easier, you need your login ID and password. You can also see user maps on Google by choosing your district, then your taluka, then your hobri, and then you can see all the villages and your villages.

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How To Check sslr Application Status?

If you have applied for the SSLR, which stands for Survey Settlement and Land Records, and want to know how your application is going, follow the steps below:

  • Then, from there, you’ll see a list of options. Tap “application status” to see what they are.
Sslr Local Application
Sslr Local Application
  • Next, give your application number to find out the status of both your application and your allotment.

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