How Meet The Cast of Southern Hospitality?

Southern Hospitality Cast: Republic Garden & Lounge, one of Bonaparte and her husband’s four restaurants, is the focus of the show. Bonaparte, whose new position is comparable to that of Lisa Vanderpump, must rein in her hedonistic employees. Who exactly are these overdramatic Republic employees?

Based on the pilot episode, Bravo’s information, and some other insider details, here is your first look at the Southern Hospitality cast.

Leva Bonaparte

Leva Bonaparte, the resident boss-lady of Southern Charm, is depicted managing the larger-than-life staff at Republic Garden & Lounge, Charleston’s “it” hangout, on the show. Republic is the crown jewel of the four restaurants that Leva and her husband Lamar own on the city’s famous King Street. Republic is Charleston’s hottest nightclub and the setting for the city’s exciting party scene.

Maddi Reese

Maddi Reese/DJ & VIP Manager has been with Leva for four years; she is a Charleston transplant originally from Charlotte by way of New York City. She is now in charge of VIP guests and is actively pursuing a more prominent musical career, performing frequently at Republic and elsewhere in the Southeast.

She has had continued success in her career, but in her personal life, things have been more difficult. Maddi is being pursued by two different men and must decide between risking another heartbreak by getting back together with her cheating ex-boyfriend and damaging a close friendship by dating her coworker Joe.

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Mikel Simmons

Mikel Simmons, a native of Charleston and a VIP host, is known for turning up the fun wherever he goes. Mikel is ready to come out to his friends and cherished church group after years of internal conflict and feeling like he was leading a second life.

Even though he knows these conversations won’t be simple, especially in the South, he considers them necessary for him to finally be at peace within. Following his suspension for promoting another team, Mikel struggles to win back Leva and Lamar’s faith while also contending with the fact that some of the other players are actively pulling for him to fail.

Grace Lilly

Grace Lilly/VIP Concierge was born in Kentucky but raised in Charleston, making her a true Southern belle. She has spent the better part of the last two years travelling to parties all over the world because, according to her astrological and mystical beliefs, Charleston is too small.

Even when Grace is at work, she often takes time off for herself, so her coworkers don’t appreciate it when she goes on vacation. Grace has no idea that several of her coworkers have conspired to confront her.

Joe Bradley

Joe Bradley/VIP Host comes from a wealthy family in Atlanta, and he knows he has a lot to prove to his peers. He abandoned his college studies and a series of low-level jobs before landing his current position as a VIP host at Republic.

Joe aspires to be a successful restaurateur and nightlife promoter like Leva. His coworkers keep reminding him that he isn’t the boss, no matter how much he tries to prove that he’s managerial material. Not only does Joe’s ambition affect his already tense relationship with Mikel, but it also jeopardises his old ties with TJ and Bradley.

Lucía Peña

Luca Pea/VIP Server is a New York native who stays at home with her two-year-old son during the day and works at Republic at night. The younger employees appreciate that Luca, despite being a few years older and more seasoned, still attends all of their company parties.

Though she had initially refused to settle for anything less than a great relationship with her son’s father, she eventually agreed to give things another shot and now she’s beginning to worry that their shared past will prevent them from ever being a happy, healthy, and whole family again.

Mia Alario

Mia Alario/Hostess, who was born and reared in Trinidad and Tobago, attended college in Charleston and earned a double degree in economics. She works during the day at a stiff bank and then hosts at Republic at night. Mia is a committed worker who works for fun rather than necessity. She is outspoken, socially gregarious, and always ready for a night out.

She is not shy about saying what’s on her mind and delights in catching others off guard with her forthrightness, which often causes friction in the group. Mia’s perseverance and dedication are continuously put to the test by her coworkers, who question if she is worthy of her coveted position.

Will Kulp

Will Kulp, the bartender, grew up in the Holy City. Academically gifted, he left home to pursue a modelling career in New York after meeting a scout by chance. He has since moved back in with his parents. To make up for the fact that he hasn’t gotten as far in his career as he had hoped and that he often feels disappointed, he constantly overcompensates by praising himself and criticising others.

Southern Hospitality Cast
Southern Hospitality Cast

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Leva is aware that Will is capable of more at Republic, but she doubts he will ever expand his horizons because he considers himself above working in a restaurant. Will adores his girlfriend Emmy and thinks applying to law school is his only way out of his rut. However, he may be having too much fun with his friends to be ready to take the plunge into adulthood.

Emmy Sharrett

Emmy Sharrett/VIP Server is one of four sisters, so she is familiar with the dynamics of female friendships at Republic. Emmy recently graduated from the College of Charleston, and while she waits for her next big adventure, she is having a great time dealing with VIP clients.

Leva jokes that Emmy and her boyfriend, Will, present a picture-perfect relationship, but the couple’s facade begins to crumble when an explosive rumour about Emmy and a coworker’s boyfriend surfaces. As the embarrassing details come to light, Emmy’s friendships and relationship with Will come under scrutiny.

TJ Dinch

TJ Dinch/Bartender left his home in Virginia to work in Charleston’s thriving food and beverage industry. TJ manages the bar with the same neatness, organization, and cleanliness with which he manages the rest of his life. TJ is such a die-hard Republic fan that he refuses to back down even when Leva begs him to, all in an effort to safeguard Leva’s company and her reputation. TJ takes it upon himself to try to get Grace and Mikel fired from their jobs at Republic because they don’t “act like real Republic employees.”

Bradley Carter

Bradley Carter/VIP Host, who attended The Citadel on a football scholarship and graduated with honours in 2016, spent the previous two years training hard to get into his enviable shape and now hopes to start his own personal training business. Meanwhile, Bradley makes the bulk of his money and has the majority of his dates through his job as a VIP host at Republic.

Bradley isn’t afraid to mix business with pleasure, and he isn’t shy about his looks, but he gets into trouble when he is accused of cheating on one server with another. Despite his denials, the allegations escalate into a personal attack that could tear the tight-knit Republic team apart.

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