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Redfall Grave Lock Locations
Redfall Grave Lock Locations

Unearthing The Secrets: Discovering Redfall Grave Lock Locations

You have the task of locating Grave Locks in Redfall to complete when you are not too preoccupied with killing vampires or pursuing achievements. These fascinating collectibles provide a significant amount of background information regarding the development of the danger, all of which contribute to expanding your expertise regarding the game’s lore.

Grave Locks are another location that you should actively seek out because they may reward you with valuable items. We’ve got you covered if you’re unsure of what they do, their purpose, or what you can get for locating them if you let us know.

Where To Find Redfall Grave Lock Locations

Grave Locks are abundant in Redfall and are everywhere! According to the in-game description, they can be found in “hidden caches and inaccessible locations.” Here are some examples of Grave Locks for your reference. To locate the, ‘I’m Sorry’ Grave Lock in Redfall, travel to Sedgewick. A large roundabout at the edge of the area leads to Old Town. Turn left when facing the plaque on the roundabout’s monument, and you should see a fire escape on the building’s side. Let’s Check How To Complete The Last Will And Testament Destiny 2? The Easy Way.

What Is Grave Lock Locations In Redfall 

Grave Locks serve two purposes in Redfall: collectible audio logs that provide additional lore-building information and aid in generating psychic residue, thereby enhancing your Ultimate ability. When you pick up a Grave Lock, it will replay a memory of the associated individual.

Redfall Grave Lock Locations
Redfall Grave Lock Locations

You will learn more about Redfall and the events leading up to the outbreak of vampires while also improving your own gameplay. Additionally, they will provide passive bonuses when you reach certain thresholds. Regardless of your motivation, acquiring these collectibles is in your best interest. Utilizing the dumpster to ascend the stairs and then hopping onto the roof. Follow the traversing roof, climb to the adjacent roof, and immediately turn around. A dead body and the Grave Lock will be in a corner.


This one can be discovered in Basswood at the Dead Catch Records store. After the area is clear, continue on inside. Once you’ve made your way to the back room, you’ll find the Grave Lock just behind a set of fallen shelves. As is the case with all open-world games, you must explore every nook and cranny. You will find the vast majority of Grave Locks off the beaten path. Many gamers are also searching for A Step by step Guide On How To Change Crosshair In Overwatch 2.

How to fast travel in Redfall

Redfall maps await. Each leads to a building to free. The building becomes your base, and you can fast-travel to it from the field. You’ll respawn here until you find more fast travel points. Find two more types in neighborhoods. Each map has neighborhoods. Your map shows boundaries. Safehouses can’t be opened. Safehouses have a small red-locked house icon until unlocked. The map icon shows the entrance, but you need more to enter. Turn on the entrance UV lights to enter.

A Redfall gamer (Patrick Maka) has also shared a Tweet in which he says that he’s working on a guide about collectibles Redfall.

Ground two cables. Pressing E activates the generator. Some generators start hard. Some require on-site keys. Always accessible. Key the generator. To activate red mist-surrounded generators, you must kill the creature or navigate around it. After that, you can go to the safehouse and respawn. Another fast-travel spot exists. Markers are tiny map icons. Simpler than safehouses. Map by approaching and pressing E. Fast travel to respawn. Redfall Commons and Burial Point maps are below.

Conclusion: In Redfall, find Grave Locks. They offer lore insights and gameplay bonuses. This guide’s locations will help you collect them all. Following the above tips will help you quickly navigate Redfall’s vast open world. Best of luck hunting vampires!

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