Project Playables: How to Play Pulling Man Game?

Every week a new trend appears on TikTok. All of TikTok’s users are frequently encouraged to express their playful and creative sides, which leads to the emergence of recent trends that catch on like wildfire.

The Pulling Man game, which users are exploiting to create comedic and prank videos, is the most recent viral hit on TikTok. The company that made this game is called Project Playables. Their official website, “,” provides access to it.

Everyone is discussing the pulling man game trend that has taken TikTok.

In this article, we shall define the pulling man game and describe how to play it.

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Pulling Man Game Project Playables

The website hosts the Pulling Man game, which projects Playables models.

It’s easy to play the pulling man game because when you visit Project Playables’ website, you’ll see an animated white-bodied amidst a blank area.

Four keys are hidden in each of the man’s limbs (arms and legs). You will control them with your keyboard’s left, right, up, and bottom arrow kerd.

Any arrow key you press will cause the related limb to extend and the character to emit a sound. While some call it a screech, other characterizes it as crying or whimpering.

Some claim that the noise is a man groaning. The game has become very popular on TikTok as a result.

One of the most accessible and enjoyable games is this one.

How to Play Pulling Man Game?

Steps to Play Pulling Man Game:

Visit the Project Playables website at on a computer or mobile device to start the Pulling Man Game.

Step 2: Press any of the four arrow keys on a computer, or extend your hand on a mobile device.

Step 3: The connected limb expands as a result, and the man makes an odd noise.

Step 4: Comment on the game while simultaneously recording a video.

Step 5: Post the video on social media sites like TikTok.

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