Who Is Power In Chainsaw Man?

Any modern anime is improved by having a character that is completely unrestrained and full of joy. The movie Chainsaw Man is not what you would expect. The anime gives us Power, the blood devil, to annoy the protagonists and give us a good laugh. You won’t be sorry you met her because she’s crazy and entertaining. So let’s get off the bandwagon and figure out who Power is in Chainsaw Man and why she’s so crucial.

Who Is Power In Chainsaw Man?

Before discussing Power and her skills, it is necessary to define a “fiend” as it is used in Chainsaw Man. So, to begin, let’s define a friend and see how it contrasts with Satan.

What is A Fiend?

The anime series uses the term “friend” to refer to a demon who has possessed a human corpse. In terms of the story, Power is the first villain we meet in Chainsaw Man. She’s a demon from the underworld who possessed a little girl’s body. Although at first glance she doesn’t seem too dissimilar to Chainsaw Man or other devils, fiends have telltale characteristics that mark them as such.

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Blood Fiend Power:

The blood devil in Chainsaw Man takes the shape of raw might. She’s also very close with CSM’s main character, Denji. In Chapter 4 of the manga, Power is introduced to the reader as a member of Makima’s squad, Public Safety Devil Hunters Tokyo Special Division 4.

Power has clearly demonic traits, as befits a fiend. humanoid shape included. She has two red horns protruding from the sides of her head, and her hair is a rosy blonde. Her eyes are vibrantly and bright, with a red crisscross design at the middle. Power’s teeth are like sharp fangs, and it can bite deeply.

After seeing her for the first time, it’s evident that Power is the most disorderly and infantile character in Chainsaw Man (Denji is a close second). In Chapter 24, we learn that she prioritizes her own safety above all else and is willing to back down from a conflict if doing so will keep her alive.

To elaborate, in Chapter 29 we learn that Power is so self-absorbed that she will always side with the victorious side, be it the devils or the humans, in order to ensure her own survival. In Chapter 36, she further demonstrates this element of her personality when she says that human, zombie, devil, and animal meat all taste the same to her.

Her behavior is consistent with her unpleasant and unorganized nature. Not only does she not enjoy picking up after herself, but she also dislikes doing so. And to top it all off, she lies constantly. In Chapter 11, while fighting a devil, Power eats all of her squad’s food and then blames it on Denji. However, she does possess some redeeming qualities as well. Initially, her kindness is seen when her cat, Meowy, goes missing. Soon after, she begins to worry about the welfare of her pals like Denji, Aki, and the rest.

Who Is Meowy?

Power’s first and foremost concern is maintaining his own life, as was previously established. If it will aid her, she will attack and eat wild creatures or other devils. In Chapter 7, though, we meet Meowy, her pet cat, who is the one and only exception to her rule. She cared for Meowy so much that she was willing to risk her life to rescue him by delivering a human sacrifice (Denji) as ransom to the Bat Devil who had taken him.

Chainsaw Man Power: Blood Devil Form

Power’s previous life was as the Blood devil, a free-spirited devil with no allegiance to either humanity or other devils. Her full demon form has long horns, shark-like fangs, and the same cross-patterned pupils as her fiend form. She also has an exposed rib cage and her internal organs are wrapped around her neck because of the trauma she sustained.

Chainsaw Man Power: Abilities

Power has both the standard devil talents and unique devil abilities seen in Chainsaw Man. Below, we’ve split these abilities into two categories for your perusal:

Basic Abilities:

  • Healing: She can drink the blood of other creatures, human or devil, to heal herself.
  • Contracts and Fiends: In her devil form, the Blood devil can make contracts with humans. She can also take over human corpses to turn into a fiend, but she loses the ability to make contracts until that body is killed.
  • Speed and Strength: Because of her fiend form, Power is weaker than some devils. But she’s still stronger and faster than humans and many other devils. In Chapter 23, we witness her dodging and attacking Katana Man with ease.
  • Enhanced Smell: In Chapter 5, we witness the powerful sense of smell that Power possesses. She was able to detect Sea Cucumber Devil, while Denji doesn’t even notice its presence.
Power Chainsaw Man
Power Chainsaw Man

Blood Devil Abilities:

As the Blood devil, Power has the following special abilities in Chainsaw Man:

  • Blood Weaponisation: Power can manipulate her blood to create weapons. She creates a hammer with her blood in Chapters 5 and 6, and a long spear in Chapter 31.
  • Blood Manipulation: In her devil form, Power can manipulate anyone’s blood to affect their power, regeneration, and more. This ability is what allows her to help Denji fight and defeat the main villain in the final fight of CSM’s first arc.
  • Thousand Tera Blood Rain: In Chapter 90, we get to witness one of the most powerful moves from Power. She showers dozens of different blood weapons upon her enemies, brutally injuring them during the fight.
  • Blood Boost: Being the blood devil, if Power drinks too much blood, her horns grow taller than usual. In that state, she also gains additional strength, as we get to see in Chapter 38 when she easily sends Denji flying away with a punch. Towards the later part of the manga, this ability goes to another level, when she resists the Control devil’s powers by drinking Pochita‘s blood.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Power dead or alive in Chainsaw Man?

At the end of the first arc of Chainsaw Man manga, Power dies as a friend. But the blood devil lives on as a reincarnated devil within hell.

2. What kind of devil is Power in Chainsaw Man?

Power is the fiend form of the Blood devil in Chainsaw Man’s Public Safety arc.

3. Are Power and Denji dating?

Even though it might appear otherwise, the manga confirms that Power and Denji only share a platonic relationship. They are only friends and share no romantic feelings. You can see Denji confirming that he’s not dating Power in Chapter 71.

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