This List Features the 10 Cutest Pink Pokémon Ever.

The franchise is also known for featuring some of the most endearing characters in the entertainment industry. Take a look at the top ten cutest pink Pokémon of all time to get a taste of the adorable animals that the franchise has to offer.

1. Jigglypuff

We first met Jigglypuff in the original series. The monster’s characteristic move, song, puts other monsters to sleep and has earned it the nickname “balloon Pokémon.” The introduction of Jigglypuff as a regular character in the anime catapulted the monster to fame.

As one of the rare monsters to receive a second typing in the sixth generation of the franchise, the Pocket Monster is both a normal and fairy type. Jigglypuff isn’t very strong, but by level 28, it can acquire powerful moves like double edge.

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2. Cleffa

Cleffa is the pre-evolved form of Clefairy, and it is a baby Pokémon with the fairy type. It’s hard to find a cuter Pink Pokémon than this one.

Because of its inherent cuteness, Cleffa was added to the franchise in Generation 2 and has the special ability of charming charm. Acute charm is a skill that causes an opponent to fall hopelessly in love with you whenever it attacks. Therefore, Cleffa’s potent ability makes it an endearing yet potent beast.

3. Mew

Also included as a charming Pokémon is the fabled monster Mew. Mew is the progenitor and ancestor of all other Pokémon. Thus, it is claimed to have the genetic makeup of every Pokémon currently in existence. On the downside, just a small number of this creature’s kind have ever been documented in the franchise’s history. The following is taken directly from its entry in the Pokedex:

It has a high level of intelligence and an impressive array of techniques at its disposal. People think that this Pokémon is the ancestor of all others.

The beast is powerful, having learned almost all of the moves in the series. The villainous Team Rocket saw the potential of the Mew and cloned it to produce Mewtwo in the anime and games.

4. Mime Jr

In the fourth generation of the Pokémon franchise, the Pokémon Company debuted Mime Jr. Again, it’s a young Pocket Monster similar to Cleffa.

The monster predates the popular Mr. Mime and is of the psychic fairy variety. Mime Jr. is notable for being one of the earliest revealed pre-generation Pocket Monsters. A demonstration of this feature occurred in an anime episode long before the debut of the fourth generation.

5. Happiny

Happiny is another charming Pokémon debuted in generation four of the franchise. This beast represents the ancestor of the G1 protagonist Chansey.

For some reason, Happiny feels a strong connection to eggs and other round items, such as the oval stone needed to evolve it.

Happiny is a regular kind and is special owing to being a totally female Pocket Monster. This adorable creature is included among the cutest Pink Pokémon of all time.

6. Slyveon

Generation 6 of the franchise introduces Slyveon, one of the Eevee evolutions. One of the earliest monsters to employ fairy typing, Slyveon is a pure fairy type Pocket Monster.

The ribbon-like design of the Pocket Monster makes it a cute pet. Despite its adorable Pokémon design, Slyveon is a formidable species that can learn the moves moon blast at level 37 and last resort at level 41.

7. Cherubi

A Pocket Monster of the grass type, Cherubi looks like a cherry. In the fourth generation of video games, the monster first appeared in the Sinnoh region.

Pink Pokemon
Pink Pokemon

If you catch a Cherubi at level 25, it will evolve into a Cherrim, and you’ll find it on honey trees. At level 47, it can learn the grass type move petal blizzard, while at level 37, it can learn the solar beam move.

8. Igglybuff

Igglybuff, the pre-evolution of Jigglypuff, was already discussed. The creature is of the average and fairy variety, much like its ancestry.

Despite its feeble appearance, Igglybuff can learn powerful techniques like solar beam and flamethrower thanks to the max friendship it needs to develop into Jigglypuff.

The creature was the protagonist of the Mystery Dungeon episode “Igglybuff the prodigy,” one of the games in the series.

9. Skitty

The Skitty Pocket Monster was unveiled in the Hoenn area during the third generation of the Pokémon franchise. When a moonstone is used, the creature develops into a Delcatty.

Skitty looks like a cat, right down to the cattail that she sports. Popularized by trainer May in the third generation of the anime series, Skitty shares Cleffa’s “cute charm” ability and rose to prominence as a result.

One of the cutest pink Pokémon, Skitty is a staple in the Pocket Monster series.

10. Slowpoke

Without Slowpoke, this isn’t a comprehensive list. When it was first introduced to the franchise in the first generation, Slowpoke quickly became a fan favorite.

As evidenced by Team Rocket’s exploits in the second generation of the series, Slowpoke’s long tail is highly desirable on the black market because it resembles a fishing rod.

Iterations of the water and psychic type Slowpoke have been created over the years. By the eighth generation, Slowpoke has evolved into its current egalitarian appearance.

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