The Phantom Tales of the Night Manga Ends in November!

Manga scheduled to end on November 22

The official Twitter account for Kadokawa’s online manga platform Comic Newtype announced on Wednesday that Matsuri’s manga Phantom Tales of the Night (Bakemono no Yawadukushi) will end on November 22, if nothing goes wrong.

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The next chapter of the manga will come out on October 25.

In July 2016, Matsuri started publishing the manga in Kadokawa’s Monthly Comic Gene. The 11th volume came out on July 26 from Kadokawa.

The manga is being put out in English by Yen Press. The eighth volume came out on August 9. The company says the following about the first book:

Phantom Tales of the Night Manga Ends
Phantom Tales of the Night Manga Ends

Welcome to the Murakumo Inn, a strange place that helps people and animals who are having trouble. But to pay for the room, the innkeeper, who is just as curious, will only accept someone’s deepest secrets… Who’s going to call today?
The first issue of Matsuri’s HUMINT manga came out in June 2016 in Young Magazine on the 3rd. The last issue came out in January 2021.

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