Multi-cat Household, or How to Introduce Two Cats to Each Other Successfully

A multi-cat household can be a dream for people who love and adore cats. What can be better than giving a home to another homeless cat or providing a current cat with some company?

However, the resident cat will be not immediately happy about the new member of the family, which means that the cat’s owner needs to take into account all the nuances to properly prepare the pet for the appearance of a new animal in the house, as well as to properly introduce them to each other. Don’t expect your pets to love each other at first sight and don’t rush their relationship, but follow some steps to bring them together successfully. Patience is the key element for the smooth introduction of two cats and for helping them to become buddies.

Think of the gender and breed

Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell whether your resident cat will be happy to live happily alongside the new cat. However, there are some behavioral aspects relevant to all cats. To get your cats off the right paw, you need to remember, the choice of the second cat must be a well-thought-out decision.

If you decide to get a new pet and introduce it to the old one, think about the gender, character, and breed of your new cat. Whenever possible, try to choose a new cat to be compatible with your current cat. Gender also plays a huge role: two female cats can get along together better than two male pusses. Two males t will clash over territory and will probably never become friends. Of course, there are rare exceptions, but most often two grown-up male cats are very difficult to live with. The breed of the cat also plays a big role: for example, Bengal cats are not that sociable and are best suited the to being only cats in the household.

Prepare the place for the fluffy newcomer

It is important not to forget and respect both the cat that has been living with you for a long time and the new one. Make sure that you have a room for your new fluffy litter with a lockable door, and that it is equipped with a comfy sleeping place, bowls, a litter box, scratching posts, a hideaway (for example, a cat house), and toys. If both cats feel confident about their access to resources (food, human attention), and territory, it will be an important basis for the new multi-cat household.

You can also treat the room with catnip which is a great stress reliever for cats. However, catnip must be used with care: some cats don’t calm down but become aggressive to catnip. It is also recommended to treat the room of each cat with calming pheromones as well which eases the cat’s territory-related anxiety.

Organize the first face-to-face meeting of your cats

Cats can form close bonds with one another but are primarily solitary and territorial animals. It means, cats don’t need companions and are unlikely to share their territory and resources. That’s why you need a proper introduction to set the stage for a harmonious relationship between two cars.

First, you need to prepare both cats for the first face-to-face meeting. Give the new cat all necessary vaccinations, and expel parasites. Keep in mind that sterilized animals get used to each other more easily. Your resident cat must also be healthy and get as much attention and affection to the cat as possible before the new cat arrives.

The carrier with the new cat should be brought into a pre-prepared “quarantine” room and should be opened in the house for the first time only directly there. If your resident cat comes out to meet you, try not to delay with the carrier and, if possible, do not keep it in the direct line of sight of the cat.

Then your resident cat will sniff the scent of the new cat. The new pet will gradually begin to get used to the smells of the house and the cat already living there and absorb them. You can also take a small piece of cloth and rub it on your new car and take it to your current cat, and do the same thing in another direction. If your cats behave well, reward their behavior with tasty treats and let them get closer.

Be patient

Remember, that all cats are unique and every cat-to-cat introduction or relationship proceeds at a different pace. Keep an eye on the behavior of both cats, as well as their reactions to each other. If it will be sharply negative, then you should not rush things.

Even the process of bringing two cats together can be quite slow and can take weeks and months (perhaps you’d rather gamble on play casino slots online play with both cats without taking into account all these details!), but you should slowly increase the cats’ exposure to one another and smooth the way towards the harmonious multi-cat household. If you see the cats are relaxed and civil to one another, you can organize longer meetings between them.

With both cats your love and affection

Do not worry if the first few days the cats hiss at each other, this is normal. After your cats have calmed down, show both cats your full attention, playing with them, stroking them, and speaking kindly to each of them. The owner’s gentle, attentive behavior will make the cats feel more relaxed and reassured.

Delicious food will be a great stress reliever for the two cats in this situation. An important point is that everyone’s plate should be individual and so should the feeding area. After the meal tries to take your pets in your arms and pet each one in turn. If this is not possible yet, give time to your resident cat first.

Your current cat must feel that your attitude towards him has not changed at all since the arrival of the competitor. And playing together with a ball or mouse on a rope can unite the cats in wanting to outplay you.

Make positive associations between your cats

Try to make only positive associations for your new cats with each other’s scent, which will connect the animals. This could be treats or even affectionate words, or activities the cats like. Do not forget that this environment will have to be maintained, even if there is already a calm atmosphere in your household.

What to do if the cats fight

If your cats fight, you should in no case not separate them with your hands. This is fraught with wounds, even if the cat was incredibly affectionate before. During the fight, the cat can forget everything, except that he has to give his opponent a good kick. To break the fight clap your hands, throw a towel between the two cats, or squirt them with water. Be careful not to hurt your cats but only carefully separate them.

How long will it take?

Well, it depends primarily on your cats: sometimes cats may need several weeks or months before they’re ready to tolerate each other. However, if you stay patient, you can reach a truce between them, which can develop into a real friendship. If bringing up together two cats do seem not to work for a longer time, then ask a vet with expertise in animal psychology or pet psychologist to help you.


To put two cats in one house is possible, but to make everything go well it is very important to organize their first meeting and the adaptation period. After a certain time, the brief introduction meetings between your cats can grow into a real friendship and strong attachment.

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