Overwatch 2 Ramattra: When Does Ramattra Release In Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 Ramattra: The game’s next playable character, the futuristic omnic leader of Null Sector, will be joining Junker Queen, Zarya, Winston, and a number of others in the tank class. He’s quite tight with Zenyatta, so expect some juicy backstory and banter between them during matches.

Though we don’t know when Ramattra will officially be added to the live game, we do have a good notion of his whole skill list. Overwatch 2’s switch to one tank per side in role queue and its five-on-five matchups has made tanks a divisive class. It will be fascinating to see how Ramattra fits into the new game’s meta, given he was supposedly built from the ground up with five-versus-five in mind (according to a press Q&A). Likewise, now we can see people searching for Overwatch 2 Ramattra.

Overwatch 2 Ramattra Release Date

The release date for Ramattra and Overwatch Season 2 is set for December 6th. Like Kiriko, he will be the season’s featured character and be included in the battle pass. Blizzard plans to provide players with a fuller picture of Ramattra and his backstory, skills, and abilities before he is released by revealing more details about him. His backstory has been told, but whether or not he will show up in any more tale materials before his release is unclear.

Blizzard has been relatively tight-lipped about the upcoming second season of Overwatch 2. We have yet to learn the season’s theme, the seasonal event that will be highlighted, or even what cosmetics will be included in the battle pass. The developers did say in the same Q&A that the following map will be connected to Ramattra, but they didn’t say how.

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Overwatch 2 Ramattra Cast

There is a hero in Overwatch 2 for every playstyle, thanks to the game’s massive roster of 35 playable heroes.

All of your favorite roles in an MMO are represented in OW2, whether you like to take on the part of a tank, deal damage to the enemy, or heal your teammates so they can stay in the fight for longer.

Keep in mind that a significant time commitment is involved in becoming an Overwatch 2 hero master.

Overwatch 2 Ramattra: Story And Background

Ramattra, the main antagonist of Overwatch 2, will be a nuanced character outside the traditional hero/villain binary.

For those unfamiliar with the Overwatch canon, Ramattra is an omnic, one of a race of intelligent artificial beings. The men just haven’t had it easy so far. Their attempts at coexistence with humans were met with violence and discrimination, and they were ultimately relegated to the status of second-class citizens at best.

The war known as the Omnic Crisis was sparked by the omnic extremist group Nullsector’s uprising against humanity and marked the climax of the long-simmering tensions between the two races. Many civilians were killed when the combat spread to the streets and cities, prompting Overwatch to become involved. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Overwatch 2 Ramattra.

Overwatch 2’s major enemy Ramattra will be more complex than just a villain.

Overwatch 2 Ramattra
Overwatch 2 Ramattra

Image Source: dotesports

Ramattra is a member of the race of omnics, which are intelligent artificial beings. The guys haven’t exactly had it easy up to this point. They were attacked and treated as inferiors when they tried to live alongside humans.

The rise of the omnic extremist group, Nullsector against humanity, was the spark that ignited the conflict known as the Omnic Crisis and represented the apex of the long-simmering tensions between the two races. Many bystanders were slain when the fighting erupted into the streets and cities, and Overwatch was called in to help.

Overwatch 2 Ramattra: Abilities

Ramattra will have two forms in Overwatch 2, each offering him unique skills. His omnipotent state is one of them, while his nemesis form is larger and more menacing. These two guises are reminiscent of Bastion’s turret mode, and like that ability, Ramattra will have to use a command to toggle between them; each disguise will have its cooldown and duration.

Using the omnic form is very similar to using a regular main tank (like Reinhart, for example). You’ll spend much of the game defending your team and only going on the offensive when necessary, such as when the enemy team is closing up on one of your support heroes.

In addition, there is the more aggressive nemesis form, which, as explained by lead hero designer Alec Dawson, may be used to “run down the adversaries and charge into the backline.” To obtain some of their pliable aids. As a weakling Ana main, I find this to be a delightfully horrifying prospect.

It won’t be terrible for me alone. The team has “prepared and strategized to extenuate the anxiety that opposition players feel when they perceive Ramattra about to shift forms,” as Jurgens-Fyhrie puts it. I think hearing him in action on the battlefield will be funny. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Overwatch 2 Ramattra.

These two new types will profoundly alter the metagame and playstyle of Overwatch 2. It’s likely that Ramattra will be heavily featured at all skill levels, as he can serve as both a central tank and a flex/dive tank.

Even if we don’t know everything about Ramattra’s skillset, we can already see that he’ll be a significant game-changer.

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