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Benjamin Johnson  Film and television journalist
In addition to his regular contributions to a variety of film-related media, Benjamin Johnson also writes for several other sites. First, he worked for himself as a freelance content writer. He has now branched out into a range of media outlets and has worked as a freelance cinematographer. Amanda Abrams has also made a substantial contribution to various radio and television programmes while working in the film industry.

Jasley Marry Content Producer digitalnewsexpert content writer, Jasley Marry, has built a solid reputation for himself over the course of his more than ten years of blogging. Marketing expert Jake Abbate is also an accomplished writer. She has a habit of writing articles that are both educational and entertaining for a wide range of readers.

Alvis Button is the content creator.
Students at the California Institute of Technology are pursuing science master’s degrees.
As a freelance writer for more than four years, she has written for a variety of publications such as publications such as magazines, blogs, poetry, websites, and newspapers. It has been 12 months since Jane Milano began working with digital l as a freelance journalist.

Karen Millions is the editor-in-chief.
Currently, Carrie works as an editor at  When she’s not working, she can be found at the Casper Star Tribune or Wyoming Business Report or Jackson Hole Daily. An award-winning journalist and marathon runner, she graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Jessa Martin, a film critic, is featured in the film
Jessa Martin has worked for digitalnewsexpert as a content writer specialising in film, television, and lifestyle. Her other roles include career advisor, developmental editor, and writer’s mentor. For Yahoo, Huffington Post, Spoon University, BuzzFeed, The Date Mix and Food & Wine, she has written.

Roger, the Web Designer
Programming has always been an interest of Roger’s since he got his first computer at age 10. His bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science are both from the University of Chicago.

On a freelance basis, Alex A has been writing articles for a number of years now. Content editor, consultant, and writing instructor are just some of his other roles. As a result, Alex A is a well-known arts and entertainment writer and business consultant.

J Ames is a graphic designer.
Currently, Sharalee works as a freelancer for digitalnewsexpert in the fields of illustration, graphic design, and website design.

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