Operation Ouch! Season 14 Episode 9: Release Date, And Latest Updates In 2022!

There is a show called Operation Ouch! on TV. As enjoyable as it is, the show also displays careful planning. The hosts do a great job of keeping kids interested and laughing while planting the seeds for a lifelong appreciation of science and health. The pacing is perfect; it’s not too fast or too slow, and it never becomes boring. Just the right amount of technical information on human biology, which is good.

Provides useful information in a fun and engaging format. Children acquire a wealth of knowledge. Cases from the emergency room, the surgical theatre, the consultation room, the x-ray studio, the ambulance, the patient’s house, the laboratory, the school, and the outdoors are highlighted, as well as interviews with regular people who have special skills and students at a school.

D.r. Busy is also present in the amusement park so that kids can talk to him about their issues. In other words, both 8-12-year-olds and their parents will like it. And we have the hilariously entertaining twin doctors X and Chris, who are more than happy to don leotards, display their faeces and serve us processed urine, among other things. There is no one better than them! The quality of the doctors is generally very high.

Everything About The Operation Ouch! Series

An episode of the British children’s comedy show Operation Ouch! Shows what happens in the emergency room, typical medical problems, and fascinating experiments as it investigates the human body. The original Ouch! series. First shown in Australia on ABC in 2013, and on CBBC in October 2012.

In 2018, the show was hosted by identical twin doctors Chris and Xand van Tulleken, and in 2019, a new doctor, Dr. Ronx, joined the team. Season 9 began airing on CBBC with a single episode in May of 2020, and it will resume on January 13, 2021.

Operation Ouch! Season 14 Episode 9
Operation Ouch! Season 14 Episode 9

Chris and Xand van Tulleken, MD, perform experiments on humans to learn about the human body and conduct research on medical treatments and technologies so that students can learn about these fields. The doctors encourage “do this at home” experiments, too.

Furthermore, they keep an eye on the kids and staff at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, and Liverpool Hospital’s emergency room. When medical emergencies arise, the doctors assist the rapid response teams from the West Midlands Ambulance Service and the Midlands Air Ambulance on the road and at patients’ homes.

Recap Of The Previous Episodes

The scientists experimented on human hair to determine what factors contribute to the wide range of hair colours and textures. They taught us how colours appear and how to see better in dim light. Put on your Night Vision Man costume, Dr. Xand! And in a double ouch!

In the beginning, we see a camera being inserted into Dr. Chris’ lungs! The doctors describe the potential efficacy of mucus in preventing the entry of pathogens and other airborne particles. At the hospital, Maisie arrived with a bead stuck in her nose.

Flamenco was performed in the lab while doctors studied our metatarsal pads. In the event of a fall from a great height, they instructed us on what to do. Your doctors and George the tree frog will use giant catapults to examine your Achilles tendon and see how it works. Another spider bite was treated at the hospital’s emergency room.

Doctors are investigating whether the mouth or the knee heals more quickly. Meanwhile, Sophie has gone to the hospital since she accidentally screwed up her foot. At the same time that doctors were learning more about the hypothalamus, the amazing part of the brain that regulates our water balance, they were explaining to kids why water makes up most of the human body. During Lilia’s remarkable brain operation, her doctors reveal that the liver serves as a large energy storage device.

Operation Ouch! Season 14 Episode 9: Release Date

Episode 9 of Season 14 of “Operation: Ouch!” is scheduled for release on September 19, 2022.

Operation Ouch! Season 14 Episode 9: How To Watch

In the United Kingdom, it will be broadcast on CBBC at 6:00 p.m. BST. There will be 14 episodes in total, and each one will run for 28 minutes. Operation Ouch”Fingers !’s On Buzzers” is the title of the ninth episode of Season 14. Specifically, the alveoli (tiny air sacs in your lungs) are the subject of this episode. Three doctors, Chris van Tulleken, Xand van Tulleken, and Ronx Ikharia, play supporting roles.

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