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Open Range Cast
Open Range Cast

Open Range Cast: What Is The Location Of This Film?

One of the most well-known 2003 American western drama movies is Open Range, which Kevin Costner, Jake Eberts, and David Valdez co-produced and directed. Duvall leads a group of law-abiding grazers who are attacked by a local cattle baron in one of the best modern westerns.

The death of one of the Duvall group’s members by the baron, which is a clear signal to declare war on them, is the cause of the struggle. The Open Range Men by Lauran Paine, whose protagonists occasionally have little choice but to resort to violence, served as the basis for Kevin Costner’s film.

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Open Range Cast And Crew

As per casting, Kevin Costner decided to keep Robert Duvall as Boss Spearman. If he turned down that role, he wasn’t in the mood to make the film. He didn’t make the movie if Duvall refused to play his part, but he immediately accepted, and Costner gave him the top billing. That’s another thing, Duvall broke six ribs while practicing horse riding.

Finally, all the cast members that starred in the movie were:

  • Robert Duvall as Boss Spearman
  • Kevin Costner as Charley Waite
  • Michael Gambon as Denton Baxter
  • Abraham Benrubi as Mose Harrison
  • Annette Bening as Sue Barlow
  • Herbert Kohler Jr. as Cafe Man
  • Michael Jeter as Percy
  • James Russo as Marshal Poole
  • Rod Wilson as Gus
  • Dean McDermott as Doc Barlow
  • Kim Coates as Butler
  • Julian Richings as Wylie
  • Diego Luna as Button
  • Peter MacNeill as Mack
  • Cliff Saunders as Ralph
  • Patricia Stutz as Ralph’s Wife
  • Ian Tracey as Tom

Open Range Rating

Many western films have intriguing plots, such as Tombstone, Hollington Drive, Desperado, Saving Private Ryan, Shanghai Nights, etc. Still, the Kevin Costner-directed film exceeds all expectations with unexpected turns. Along with the other cast members, the combo of the cynic and western hero looks pretty spectacular.

Open Range Cast
Open Range Cast

Annette Benning did a far better job of capturing her character than what was written for her in the script. While only appearing in a few scenes, Michael Gambon did a good job playing the sleazy Irish rancher. The film’s characters all find a home in the viewer’s hearts, making them desire more movies like this one were made. As a result, the film’s closing action scene is very visceral.

Open Range Filming Locations

Although the Open Range movie is set in Montana, Alberta, Canada, was where the actual filming was done. IMDb states that the film’s primary photography lasted three months, from June 17 to September 8, 2002. The Stoney Indian Reservation was the location for most of the filming, with the remaining sequences being filmed in Longview, Calgary, and Morley in Alberta.

Costner spent about a million dollars creating a town from scratch because he didn’t like any of the already there. Also, it cost close to $40k to develop a route to get the workers there because the location was so out of the way and out of the average person’s reach.

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Yet, skilled cowboys on the site managed all 225 of the cattle. Also captured were some stunning vistas and surroundings in an unidentified village close to Longview. To give the spectator a sense of authenticity and reality, he created the whole town portrayed in the movie from scratch.

Even so, Kevin has put much effort into the 2003 western movie featuring cattlemen out to exact revenge on a corrupt sheriff and property lord. The drama movie is, until today, underappreciated. The Wide Range quickly became a massive hit with traditional, immaculately mounted western audiences.

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