Characters: Who Is Cole’s Girlfriend In Ninjago?

The following is a cast list for the Danish-Canadian computer-animated television series Ninjago, which is made by The Lego Group. There is a sizable group of recurrent characters in this show. Characters from the Ninjago universe are listed from main protagonists through minor and significant antagonists and various supporting characters. The list is mostly divided into categories of fictitious characters based on the release schedule of each season.

Lloyd Garmadon, Kai, Cole, Jay, Zane, and Nya are just a few of the names associated with the teen ninja cast of Ninjago, which also features the sage Master Wu. The ninja’s goal is to defeat Wu’s evil brother, Lord Garmadon, and the rest of the horde.

The majority of the action takes place on Ninjago Island, specifically in and around Ninjago City, which is home to a wide variety of villains and side characters (including Nindroid armies and ghosts). The show premiered at the same time as the Lego Ninjago construction toy line, which is inspired by the show’s protagonists and plot points. Michael Hegner and Tommy Andreasen, two Norwegians, designed it.

Main Character

Lloyd Garmadon

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon (Jillian Michaels in seasons 1–7, Sam Vincent in seasons 8–present) is the Green Ninja and Elemental Master of Energy, giving him control over energy. The current commander of the ninja, he is the son of Garmadon and Misako, the nephew of Master Wu, and the grandson of the First Spinjitzu Master. He often uses katanas, sometimes even two at once.

In the first season, Lloyd is introduced as a prankster who aspires to follow in his father’s footsteps as an evil warlord, leading him to devise plots that are ultimately thwarted by the original four ninja. Lloyd undergoes a transformation at the hands of the ninja and Master Wu, leading him to his ultimate calling as the Green Ninja of legend.

Lloyd is a young, ignorant, and mischievous ninja at the beginning of the series, but he grows and learns throughout the show to become a wise, accomplished adult. Lloyd is shown as the youngest team member, although his character has been written to be the team’s undisputed leader.

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Kai (Vincent Tong) is the red ninja and Fire Elemental Master. He, like Lloyd, typically uses a katana or a pair of katanas. Due to his elemental strength, he can levitate and withstand high temperatures to a certain degree. Kai is extremely devoted to his loved ones, and would risk his life for them.

He is quick to anger and lacks the ability to control his emotions, making him impulsive and unreliable. In addition, he feels a great deal of duty to his companions. Kai is Ray and Maya’s eldest son, and he is the older brother of Nya. Skylor Chen, his crush, is the object of his affections.


Cole (Kirby Morrow’s voice from Seasons 1-14; Andrew Francis’s from 2022 on) is the black ninja with a firm foundation and the Earth Elemental Master. He’s been seen with a scythe and a war hammer in recent episodes. He can move the ground around to a certain extent and has superhuman strength thanks to his elemental abilities.

He is the first ninja commander, and he loves cake more than anything else in the world. His father, Lou, is in a barbershop quartet, and his mother, Lilly, was Earth’s former Elemental Master.


Jay Walker (real name: Jay Gordon), played by Michael Adamthwaite, is the blue ninja who also happens to be the Lightning Elemental Master. He’s been seen with a kusarigama and nunchucks. Because of his elemental strength, he can manipulate electricity to a certain extent.

Ninjago Characters
Ninjago Characters

Apart from his mechanical prowess, he also has a firm grasp of modern technology. Jay is resourceful and witty, and he frequently turns to humour as a means of defusing tension. Like the other ninja, he is fiercely loyal to his allies and especially his fiancée Nya, although he is often excited and prone to flipping out in situations. He was born to the former Elemental Master of Lightning, Cliff Gordon, but he was adopted and reared by Ed and Edna Walker.


Zane, portrayed by Brent Miller, is the ice elemental master and a white/titanium ninja. For the eighth, ninth, and tenth seasons, he also uses a bow and arrow in addition to his three-pointed shurikens. Because of his affinity with the Ice element, he can perform some cryokinesis.

Zane is shrewd and strategic, and he frequently supplies the ninja with vital intel. At first, Zane seems to be lacking in basic people skills like a sense of humour, but it is later revealed that this is because Zane is actually an android (or “nindroid”), a truth that was hidden from both the ninja and Zane. His brotherhood with the other ninja has allowed him to develop more human characteristics, yet he is still naturally logical and matter-of-fact. Dr. Julien’s offspring/invention, if you will.


Grey/teal ninja, Elemental Master of Water, and the original Samurai X, Nya (voiced by Kelly Metzger) is a character in the series. She uses a spear as a primary weapon. Samurai X wears a crimson costume in the first several seasons. For the most part ever since the release of The Lego Ninjago Movie, she has been shown with a gunmetal grey colour scheme. She has some hydrokinesis thanks to her elemental power.

In Season 5, Nya, the Elemental Master of Water, joins the ninja squad when they recruit her to help destroy the ghosts and the Preeminent. She is tough and determined, and she will not take orders from anyone. Nya cares about her friends and family, and despite her stubbornness, she typically makes the most sensible decisions and provides the most comfort. She is a great mechanic, therefore she regularly makes cars for the other ninja to use. Ray and Maya’s daughter Nya is Kai’s younger sister and Jay’s girlfriend.

Master Wu

Sensei/Master A sage old master of the ninja, Wu (Paul Dobson, Caleb Skeris as a newborn, and Madyx Whiteway as a child) is shown here wielding his father’s staff. He is the younger son of the First Spinjitzu Master and the younger brother of Garmadon, making him Lloyd’s uncle. Wu’s Oni ancestry has allowed him to survive for over a millennium.

Lord Garmadon

Lord/Sensei Lloyd’s father, Wu’s older brother, Misako’s estranged husband, and the eldest son of the First Spinjitzu Master is Garmadon (played by Mark Oliver, Kai Emmett as a toddler). For the first two seasons, Garmadon serves as a secondary antagonist after serving as the primary adversary in the premiere episode. The second season sees him purge himself of evil and ascend to sensei status among the ninja.

Season 4 sees him committed to the Cursed Realm, and later, in Season 8, he returns as an even more malevolent version of himself. He then takes control of Ninjago and declares himself emperor. He’s one of Season 9’s two key foes. Unfortunately, Garmadon’s reign of terror is put to a stop and he is sent to Kryptarium Prison by the season’s end.

In Season 10, he is set free after assisting the ninja in vanquishing the Oni. In Crystalized, we learn that he hid away in Vinny Folson’s apartment before helping the Ninja fight the Overlord by trying (and failing) to convince Lloyd to release his Oni powers. Garmadon’s Oni ancestry has given him the gift of eternal life, and he has used it to reach the ripe old age of over a thousand.

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