WrestleQuest Has Jim Cornette On Its DLC Wish List

A pro-wrestling-themed RPG setting with objectives to complete and recognizable wrestling legends from the 1980s and 1990s to recruit may be freely explored by players in the upcoming video game WrestleQuest.

In WrestleQuest, several of the legendary wrestlers can even be included in the player’s party as managers who aid them in combat. Some fans might be asking whether WrestleQuest includes any real-life pro wrestling managers from the era, like Bobby Heenan, J.J. Dillon, or Jim Cornette.

Sadly, those iconic wrestling managers weren’t chosen, but Jim Cornette was “always” on the developer’s wish list, according to Mega Cat’s James Deighan in an interview with Game Rant. Deighan elucidated:

“I wish we could have had Jim Cornette. I’m a huge Cornette fan. I’m in the Cornette Facebook groups. Even when I fell out of following wrestling closely, I was still following the Cornette stuff,” 

It seems that the lack of these famous wrestling managers in WrestleQuest boils down to the game already having so much content. Deighan said:

“We’ve blown the game out of scope, If you include the side content it’s 80 hours. So at some point we had to draw the line, at least unofficially, and start talking about DLC and sequels, things like that. Nothing’s signed yet, but it’s on the wish list.”

It’s safe to say that Jim Cornette would create a lot of hype for WrestleQuest if he were to become DLC. Even though Cornette isn’t currently signed to any wrestling company and doesn’t appear on television, his wildly popular podcasts have made him one of the industry’s most talked-about figures.

WrestleQuest Has Jim Cornette On Its DLC Wish List
WrestleQuest Has Jim Cornette On Its DLC Wish List

Numerous listeners frequently tune in to hear Cornette’s old-school wrestling tales and critiques of the contemporary WWE and AEW, making his podcasts possibly the most well-known wrestling podcasts in existence.

You can read the other updates about WrestleQuest:

It would be interesting to watch how fans would respond if Cornette were ever introduced to WrestleQuest because of the controversy his severe critiques of the wrestling industry and certain performers within it have generated.

There are still many wrestling greats for players to interact with in WrestleQuest even though Jim Cornette isn’t currently there. WrestleQuest was just struck with a last-minute delay, but wrestling fans will still be able to play it later this month. For more details see Gamerant’s tweet below:

If you’re a fan of pro wrestling and are looking forward to this ambitious mash-up of JRPG elements and pro wrestling, you should know that.

For the PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, WrestleQuest debuts on August 22. Stay tuned to Digital News Expert for more updates.

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