Who Was Gail Spencer And How Did She Die?

Gail Spencer Murder: Gail Spencer was born on July 28, 1954, to Margie and Jerry Barrington in Macon, Georgia. Debbie Merchant, Kathy Dover, and Jo Ellen Smith were Gail’s three younger sisters. She attended Macon’s Central High School and was a devoted lifelong member of Bellevue Baptist Church. Gail was a well-liked and highly regarded resident of the tiny town where she had spent her whole life (nearly 60 years). She gave birth to a son, Mark Haskins Jr. (currently an insurance agent in Savannah, Georgia). Francie and Griffin Haskins were Gail’s proud, devoted, and indulgent grandchildren, who were also the aunt and great-aunt to many young nephews and nieces.

On October 5, 2012, Gail was discovered dead in her house after her coworkers, and worried neighbors called the police when she didn’t show up for work that day. According to an autopsy, she had been raped and suffocated with a plastic bag covering her face.

Gail worked for Pinkston and Associates Attorneys at Law, a real estate law business located at Vineville Avenue, for many years as their legal secretary and office manager. Gail had managed the company’s wire transfers and presided over real estate closings for more than ten years. She gave Calder Pinkston her immediate report. Gail first met the person who would plan the crime that resulted in Gail’s death in the law firm’s office.

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The same law company employed Tracy Jones as a legal secretary. Still, because she was a more recent hire than Gail, she lacked the authority to execute wire transfers without the management’s approval. Jones had, though, received wire transfer training. Gail had far more access to the company’s funds than Jones because she had worked there for a long time and had the boss’s complete trust. Jones knew she required Gail’s system access when she devised a scheme to steal money from the company through unlawful wire transfers; as a result, she had to find a means to keep Gail out of the way. Jones, who was 38 at the time, enlisted the aid of her lover Michael Brett Kelly, 18 years old, and Keith Anthony Dozier for this.

Who Killed Gail Spencer?

On October 5, 2012, Jones rapped on Gail’s door at her Stinsonville Road residence. Before Gail departed for work, this occurred. While Gail was getting ready in her bedroom, Jones said she needed to use the restroom and asked for something to drink. Kelly and Dozier, who were both wearing masks, were admitted by Jones.

Gail Spencer Murder
Gail Spencer Murder

Kelly and Dozier held Gail hostage at gunpoint that morning, preventing her from leaving the house for work. Jones utilized Gail’s access to wire transfer a total of about $885,000 in three different transactions to three accounts of Courtney Kelly’s accomplice Courtney Kelly (the step-sister of Brett). Dozier was keeping watch in the adjacent room as Gail was being raped, sodomized, and asphyxiated to death at the residence by Brett Kelly.

Within a few days of the murder and the loss of monies, Jones and both Kellys (Brett and Courtney) were apprehended because a coworker who had declined to participate in Jones’ plot revealed Jones’ scheme to the investigating officers. While Dozier argued coercion in court and entered a not-guilty plea, he was nevertheless found guilty by the jury and given a life sentence despite having pled not guilty. Stay tuned to Digitalnewsexpert.com for more updates.

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