Vanessa Hudgens Reacts To Austin Butler’s Elvis Accent

Awards and early Oscar buzz have already been generated by Austin Butler’s transformation into the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll for Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic. Butler, though, seems to be stuck on one feature of Elvis Presley: his voice. And the ongoing, er, emulation couldn’t but but leave fans perplexed. It appears that his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens has opinions on the hot trend as well.

The Shannara Chronicles actor notoriously experimented with Presley’s distinctive voice for three years. Butler said to IndieWire in December, ” got knitted into the fibre of my being in a manner, and it feels like a beautiful gift to me that I have small bits of him in my DNA now.

In the backstage area of the 2023 Golden Globes, he reiterated the sentiment. After earning the Best Actor award, he commented, “I frequently liken it to when someone lives in another nation for a long time. Butler acknowledges that, despite his insistence that he no longer sounds like the singer of “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” “I’m sure there’s just elements of my DNA that will always be tied in that way.”

It appears that Hudgens finds the entire situation amusing. Austin Butler’s “Elvis” accent is “real,” according to voice coach, who shared a Page Six article on Butler on Instagram on January 19. “He went to the Lady Gaga school of Oscar campaign acting,” Scott captioned the image. Hudgens couldn’t help but respond in the comments area. “I’m crying,” she said. She dated Butler for more than eight years, so she would be aware of how much his voice had genuinely altered.

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In reality, it appears like Hudgens was the one who first suggested Butler play Presley. On January 10 on The Hollywood Reporter’s Actors Roundtable, Butler disclosed that the inspiration to play Presley came from a “friend.”

I was looking at Christmas lights with a friend of mine and there was an Elvis Christmas song on the radio the month before I found out Baz was doing the movie, he said. “As I was singing along, my companion turned to face me and urged me to play Elvis. Oh, that’s such a long shot, I remarked.

“A few weeks later, I was playing the piano,” he continued. I rarely performed for my buddies or anyone else. I was playing the piano when that same friend was present. I’m serious, she declared. You must determine how to obtain the rights to a script. After that, my agency contacted and informed me that Baz Luhrmann is producing an Elvis movie.

Vanessa Hudgens Reacts To Austin Butler's Elvis Accent
Vanessa Hudgens Reacts To Austin Butler’s Elvis Accent

Fans immediately pointed out that Hudgens was the anonymous “friend,” as she had previously shared the same tale in an interview. Hudgens stated, “Last December, we were driving along and we were listening to Christmas music, and then an Elvis Presley Christmas song came on, in an August 2019 appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan. His hair had recently been darkened. He is naturally blonde, and while I was watching him sing along, I said, “Babe, you need to play Elvis.

She told the host Ryan Seacrest all about her attractive ex-boyfriend and related the story of the piano, stating, “Then in January, he was sitting at the piano and he’s playing and he’s singing and I’m like, ‘I don’t know how, but you need to figure out how you can play Elvis.'” It would help if you played him, even though I have no idea how we obtain the necessary rights or what we do.

Some of Hudgens’ admirers were outraged that Butler seemed to minimise the relationship in interviews, despite the fact that Butler is currently seeing Kaia Gerber. If you want some other information like this then do visit our 

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