Valerie Bertinelli Opens Up About Healing After Divorce

Valerie Bertinelli is open about her post-divorce healing process. After a rolfing session on Friday, the actress, whose divorce from ex-husband Tom Vitale was finalized in November, released an emotional Instagram video and discussed how she deals.

The physical therapy involving the body’s connective tissues, according to Bertinelli, 62, is “excruciating, yet there’s a release that happens that’s incredibly useful.” “I do my best to heal from it in every manner — my therapy, my writing, my meditation, and rolfing,” the patient said. “I feel that a lot of emotional suffering is in the body.”

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She told her supporters, “You’ve been through the same bullcrap that I have,” adding that she enjoys sharing her experience because many of them can connect.


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“I’m over it now. I’ve had enough of narcissists. I’ve had enough of narcissists, “She spoke without naming any specific individuals.

Her attention is on determining what caused her to “tolerate the unbearable” as she continues on her quest. She said, “One of you sent me a direct message with a query that assisted you in healing; it was like a lightbulb. Why did I put up with the intolerable? So, by looking for that and healing, I have already made my life better. I’m happier now. I’m happier now. A life that I can appreciate, one that I already have and am grateful for. Since I will then feel like I truly deserve it.”

Valerie Bertinelli On Her Divorce

She said, “Becoming emotional, “Every one of us is entitled to a wonderful existence. And inside, it begins. And because we all deserve it, I want you to experience that for yourselves.”

Therefore, Bertinelli remarked, “I have moved past the s—- stage, and I’m heading into the tough, hard part that has the most benefits. “So join us on the voyage. If you want to, come. If you disrespect me, I will block you because I will no longer put up with it. How’s it sound?”

She continued after that. To the next person who begins dating our narcissist ex-partners, Bertinelli uploaded a TikTok video on Twitter with those words in the title.

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