Twin Rivers Unified School District Sued In S*xual Abuse Case: Lawsuit Filed

According to a complaint filed against Twin Rivers Unified School District, the district was irresponsible in recruiting a teacher who allegedly s*xually assaulted a pupil.

The Del Paso Heights Elementary School has been the subject of alleged sexual assault since 2014. Kim Wilson, 62, described as a teacher at Del Paso Heights by Sacramento police, has at least two victims who have come forward to the police. Wilson was taken into custody for 17 charges of indecent acts with a child and one count of possessing child pornography almost two weeks ago.

A 20-year-old woman who was one of the victims has filed a lawsuit against Twin Rivers Unified, Wilson, and those responsible. Lauren Cerri, the victim’s attorney, claims that Wilson s*xually assaulted her client when she was 11 years old and in the sixth grade.

“On the school grounds, where she was meant to be under supervision, her teacher regularly groomed her and abused her s*xually. He was meant to be watched over, “said Lauren Cerri, a lawyer with the San Jose, California, legal firm Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard, LLP.

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Wilson is accused of abusing his victim while serving as a teacher and the head of the school broadcasting group, according to the complaint made against Twin Rivers Unified.

The victim claims that Wilson led her into a private space where he caressed, groped, and took pictures of her. According to court records, Wilson allegedly coerced her into having oral s*x with him.

According to Cerri, nobody was looking, and it changed the course of her life. “She is now 20. She had anxiousness, and it could have been avoided so easily.”

Wilson has involved in an event in 2014 that another victim reported in 2019. The Sacramento Police Department received the report from Twin Rivers Unified Police Department.

Twin Rivers Unified School District Sued In S*xual Abuse Case: Lawsuit Filed

Until recently, when Sacramento police received a report from Cerri’s client stating that Wilson assaulted her in the same year, the case had been put on hold.

“He would still be a teacher there if it weren’t for my client’s courage in coming out years later. 2019 should have seen his departure “Cerri stated. In the action, it is alleged that Wilson was hired, managed, and retained by the district negligently.

The intention is to make all school districts safer for our kids so that they may create rules, processes, and trainings so that they are aware of the warning signs, according to Cerri.

ABC10 contacted the district for a response. They acknowledged receiving the complaint but refused to speak further due to ongoing litigation.

Jail logs demonstrate Wilson is still being held without the ability to post bail. When Wilson was arrested, was he still working as a Del Paso Heights Elementary teacher? ABC10 spoke with Sacramento PD, but they could not respond with that information.

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