The God Squad: Who Plays The God Squad In Righteous Gemstones?

Q: Recently, on Sunday, my cousin, who was twenty years old, took her own life. The loss has left me with a sorrowful heart. It’s a question I’ve posed to a few folks. I was met with a variety of replies. Do you think my cousin can get away with this?

Our God, I am confident, is a merciful and forgiving one. Would he really be so intolerant of those who suffer from mental health issues like depression, anxiety, etc.? Because I believe God has a plan for each of our lives, I have no doubt that He foresaw her doing this at some point.

I believe he allows us the freedom to choose whether we want to live a wicked life or an exemplary one. All of us are sinners, and we all deserve to perish in our sins. To have eternal life is a possibility, and we have it. Right now, I feel like I’m going through the entire emotional spectrum.

My cousin and I both followed Christianity. Actually, she has only been out of Christian school for a few years. I appreciate you taking the time to explain something to me that I just can’t seem to wrap my head around. Sending blessings your way always.

You and your cousin’s family have my deepest condolences. In short, yes, I do think God will accept your cousin’s soul in the next life and give her the happiness and hope that she missed out on during her time in the body. What she did was not a sin, even if it involved the taking of innocent life, because it was the outcome of a terminal medical condition.

A chemical imbalance or a genetic flaw removed her capacity to make voluntary decisions about her own life. The spiritual question raised by her suicide is not whether or not she was guilty, but rather how we might encourage the next person to make the opposite choice and choose life instead of death.

The national suicide hotline is a resource that anyone struggling with suicidal ideation should be aware of. Headlines Should Read: Those are the only three digits of 988 that you’ll need to remember. When you dial 988, you’ll be connected to a caring, well-informed medical professional.

Since mental illness is an illness like any other, there are established processes for treating it, and at-risk individuals should not feel bad about seeking medical attention. Those of us who care about them must likewise be alert for suicide warning signs.

If a loved one has expressed thoughts of self-harm through writing or conversation, we should not delay in seeking professional aid or verifying medication compliance. The statement “I was just joking” about our interventions is not acceptable. Those who are threatened with suicide can also find spiritual solace. Just so we’re clear, None of These Should Be Considered as an Alternative to Professional Medical Treatment for the Mentally Ill. Nonetheless, they enhance the situation with a measure of care and compassion.

Membership in a house of worship, be it a church, synagogue, temple, or masjid, provides us with a wonderful spiritual community. A dysfunctional family that has lost its links of love can often be supplemented or even replaced by people who are not blood relatives but care about them.

The COVID pandemic raised the suicide rate because it caused more people to feel alone and isolated. Though technologies like Zoom allow us to communicate remotely, they do not provide a genuine bond. We’re stronger as a team than we are separately.

The God Squad
The God Squad

There must be a neutral third point for us to maintain equilibrium and happiness. Everyone needs a place to call home, a place to work or go to school, and a place to go where they will be accepted because of something they have in common with the people who work or go to school there. In traditional Irish society, the bar served as a gathering place for friends and neighbors.

The Jewish community of New York City’s Lower East Side traditionally saw the steam bath, or “shvitz,” as a social gathering space. A third place can be found in a bowling league, a country club, or any other group of people who share your interests.

There have also consistently been places of worship. Meetups that exchanged physical presence for online connectivity. Worship centers have been damaged by the secularisation of our age, which threatens our shared life.

Finally, religious groups like these serve as a constant reminder that God is with us no matter what we’re going through. For those of us struggling with addictions beyond our control, there is a common thread that runs through all 12 steps: the need for a belief in a higher power. An unsettled heart can find solace in the assurance that God is their rock and that He provides salvation via his faith.

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