Tesla Cybertruck: Rumored Price, Release Date, Specs And Everything You Know!

The Tesla Cybertruck, which debuted in 2019, is unlike any pickup we’ve ever seen. It’s electric, which isn’t novel and, honestly, expected from Tesla, but its futuristic appearance sets it apart from the competition. It’s up to you whether that’s a good or negative thing, and keep in mind that we haven’t seen the final, production-bound version yet. Tesla sometimes makes changes to its vehicles before production, but we may not have to wait long – Tesla says the truck will begin arriving later this year.

Meanwhile, we’re investigating what it is, what it does, how much it will cost, and when cyber motorists will be able to get behind the wheel. We’re also looking at its competitors, and the list is growing all the time.

Tesla Cybertruck Release Date

Anyone with a $100 budget can reserve a Cybertruck by visiting Tesla’s official website. Making a reservation does not constitute a legal promise to purchase a Cybertruck when production begins; rather, it is a refundable, commitment-free method to express your interest. Reservation holders will be asked to confirm their interest closer to the start of manufacturing, which is presently scheduled for late 2023, but delays are conceivable.

Here is a tweet about the first Cybertruck built at Giga Texas.

Tesla Cybertruck Price

Tesla will offer three versions of the Cybertruck at launch. The entry-level, rear-wheel-drive model starts at $39,000. The base model starts at $49,000, while the top-of-the-line triple-motor model costs $69,000.

When it is finally released, the Tesla Cybertruck may be eligible for the federal tax credit. Currently, a car must cost less than $80,000, be manufactured in North America, and meet EPA regulations for batteries and key minerals. However, eligibility for the tax credit has changed several times, so we’ll have to wait and see if the Cybertruck is eligible when it is introduced.

Tesla Cybertruck Design

Much has been said about the Cybertruck’s design, and we have little to offer to the discussion. We’ve seen a couple different builds of the Cybertruck via leaked and official photographs, but we have yet to see a manufacturing version of the truck. We do know that its body will be comprised of 30X cold-rolled stainless steel, which resists dents and rust, and that its glass panels will be bulletproof. It will also include a 6.5-foot freight box known as a vault by Tesla.

Tesla Cybertruck Release Date

It might be referred to as a vault, a box, or a bed. In any case, it will be topped with a tonneau cover that is solid enough to stand on, and Tesla says it plans to release a variety of accessories for employees, adventurers, and everyone in between. The Cybertruck will be customizable, with options such as a camper top and a pop-out kitchen. Passengers will be able to power equipment and electronics off the grid using on-board power outlets that pull electricity from the battery pack. Tesla also revealed plans for an integrated air compressor. Its vehicle is shaping out to be one of the market’s more adaptable versions.

It’s too early to determine what Tesla may modify, but we do know that the truck’s design team has already made changes. Prototypes with design changes have been discovered as recently as February. Even that model, though, is unlikely to be the final form, as it was shown with a single huge windshield wiper, which CEO Elon Musk has stated will not be included in the manufacturing version.

We discussed it in a recent article, which you can find below:

Tesla Cybertruck Interior

Because this is a prototype, what you see above may or may not be what you get when production begins. The Cybertruck, according to Tesla, will have a wide cabin with six seats and a large storage bin under the rear bench. Its dashboard is a simple design experiment that appears to be an evolution of the arrangement seen in Model 3 and Model Y.

There’s a yoke steering wheel, which will very certainly be an option, a 17-inch screen that runs the latest version of Tesla’s infotainment system, and not much else. It’s realistic to expect services seen in the company’s current lineup of vehicles, such as in-car gaming and video streaming, to be available, though you’ll probably have to pay for them on a monthly basis.

Tesla Cybertruck Specs

Of course, the level of awesomeness varies depending on the version. The base model is powered by a single motor that drives the rear wheels. It can tow 7,500 pounds, reach 60 mph in 6.5 seconds from a standstill, and has a range of around 250 miles. Tesla does not disclose battery specifications.

The middle version has two electric motors (one per axle) for all-wheel drive, a 10,000-pound towing capacity, a 4.5-second sprint to 60 mph, and around 300 miles of range. Last but not least, the triple-motor flagship model tows 14,000 pounds, accelerates to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds, and has a range of around 500 miles. Remember that the Cybertruck is not yet in production, thus these figures are only targets at this time. They’re not set in stone, and they haven’t been confirmed or tested in real-world settings for miles.

Tesla Cybertruck Release Date

Ground clearance can reach up to 16 inches, due in part to an adaptable air suspension that comes standard regardless of truck configuration. Tesla has set approach and departure angles of 35 degrees and 28 degrees, respectively. Autopilot will be standard, but it will not make the truck autonomous; rather, it will be a driver-assistance system.

Tesla Cybertruck Competitors

Given that the Cybertruck isn’t currently available, it’s difficult to fully compare it to the F-150 Lightning, the electric version of the F-150. However, the Cybertruck appears to be intended at heavier versions.

“While we have not yet begun production of the Cybertruck, we expect it to have a towing capacity of 7,500 to 14,000-plus pounds, and it should very likely qualify as a Class 2B-3 medium-duty vehicle,” Sarah Van Cleve, the company’s senior managing policy advisor, explained in a letter to California’s Air Resources Board (ARB).

That’s legal jargon for a truck with a GVWR of 8,501 to 10,000 pounds, which is a rung above the F-150 Lightning, which has a GVWR of 8,250 to 8,550 pounds. If the specifications remain unchanged, the Cybertruck will compete with medium-duty trucks such as the Ford F-250, Ram 2500, and Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Yukon 2500 twins.

However, if the Cybertruck’s early pricing is correct, it will start lower than the F-150 Lightning. The Cybertruck’s base model will cost $39,000, while the F-150 Lightning will cost roughly $60,000.

Tesla Cybertruck Release Date

Tesla Cybertruck Factory location

Musk said in July 2020 that the Cybertruck would be produced in a Gigafactory in Austin, Texas.

The Austin Gigafactory not only manufactures the Cybertruck but also the Model Y and serves as Tesla’s global headquarters.

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