Taylor Dayne Shares Colon Cancer Battle While Revealing ‘Dark’

Taylor Dayne Shares Colon Cancer Battle: Taylor Dayne is speaking out about the significance of early cancer screening after her own recent diagnosis.

In an interview airing on Good Morning America this past week, the “Tell It to My Heart” singer disclosed that she was diagnosed with colon cancer in the summer.

The 60-year-old performer, who has been nominated for a Grammy, was diagnosed in July following a routine colonoscopy. When Dayne found out she had cancer, she felt like the world had gone “black,” but fortunately, her disease was caught early.

In an interview, she emphasised the value of human life. “He avoided answering any questions about the severity of the cancer. The only thing I could think was, “OK, five months ago, I know there was nothing.” This must be some kind of early detection.”

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Dayne had surgery to remove 10 inches of colon just weeks after her diagnosis, and she was instantly proclaimed cancer-free. A post-operative infection, however, necessitated an additional 20 days of hospitalisation.

When Dayne was a youngster, she suffered from kidney illnesses, and she remembered how, after being released from the hospital, she worked on both her physical and emotional healing.

“Being back was like being four years old again in the hospital,” she said. “I felt like I was confined inside my own body without a voice.” “This has thus been a test of my rationality and emotional fortitude. For the second time, I am participating in a therapeutic programme.”

The ’80s pop queen said she feels better than ever now that she’s had her cancer treated, and she’s encouraging others to talk to their physicians about getting regular tests.

Dayne explained to GMA that when you’re extremely ill, you simply don’t have the strength to do much of anything and must instead rely on the support of your “champions,” or the “soldiers” who are closest to you. “Find a physician who will give you an honest assessment. Take up arms for your own safety.”

Taylor Dayne Shares Colon Cancer Battle
Taylor Dayne Shares Colon Cancer Battle

Colorectal cancer, often known as colon cancer, is the third most frequent kind of cancer overall after lung cancer and breast cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2022 approximately 106,180 new cases of the disease will be diagnosed in the United States.

Doctors recommend everyone investigate their family trees to see if they are at a higher risk for the cancer, which affects about 20% of patients who have a family history of it. Obesity may be a result of dietary choices and their potential causes. Despite its prevalence among American men and women, specialists stress the need of early identification in preventing fatalities.

Adults over the age of 45 should undergo routine colon cancer screenings, such as stool analyses or colonoscopies, according to the American Cancer Society. A change in bowel habits, such as increased diarrhea, rectal bleeding, dark stools, unexpected weight loss, cramping, and excess fatigue, are all symptoms of colon cancer, and people are encouraged to see a doctor if they experience any of these.

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