Seth Rogen On Steven Spielberg Call: Seth Rogen Explains Why Steven Spielberg Did Not Give Out His Phone Number On The Set of ‘the Fabelmans’

Seth Rogen On Steven Spielberg Call: Your people should contact Steven Spielberg’s people. Seth Rogen portrays a character in Spielberg’s favourite uncle in The Fabelmans, which is partially based on the director’s own childhood. Rogen and co-star Gabriel LaBelle gave an explanation of why they weren’t granted a direct line of communication to reach the Oscar-winning director on Sunday at PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly’s photo and video studio at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival.

Spielberg has “so many stories,” according to LaBelle, who portrays the director’s younger self in the movie, and “when you’re exposed to him for that amount of time, you have to” ask him about them. Rogen, 40, continues, “And he enjoys discussing it. He doesn’t give off the impression of being awkward when speaking. In many ways, he is naturally like an instructor. He is happy to impart his wisdom to you.” According to LaBelle, “He’s quite aware of the impact he has.”

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“He is aware of our eagerness to hear him. He’s well aware of that,” LaBelle continues, “and that’s probably why he won’t give us his phone number.” Indeed, says Rogen. “That’s why only me and Gabe can get in touch with him,”

LaBelle explains, “If we wanted to have a Zoom meeting, we had to go through our boss, his assistant, and then him.” Paul Dano and Michelle Williams, who play characters modelled after Spielberg’s deceased parents, have Rogen’s phone number, but “we’re not messaging Steven,” the actor laughed.

Rogen discusses his interest in the project as well, describing it as “special” due to Spielberg’s personal connection to it.

Seth Rogen On Steven Spielberg Call
Seth Rogen On Steven Spielberg Call

“I suppose that if I had ever imagined being in a Steven Spielberg film, I would have probably visualised myself fleeing from danger or most likely being eaten or crushed early on. However, this was so unique “He claims. The initial talks we had made it quite evident that it was… extremely personal, especially meaningful, and exceptionally complicated for him in many ways.

Rogen continues, “Watching this amazing man who you look up to in the moment, finding out how to communicate his tale, was really unlike anything I’ve ever done. I won’t again go through another situation like this. Follow for more updates.

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