Roku Is Launching TVs: Roku Will Release Its Own Smart Television In The Spring Of 2023

Roku Is Launching TVs: Today at CES, Roku revealed its first Select and Plus Series TVs. There will be 11 versions with screens ranging from 24″ to 75″ available when these first smart TVs are released in the US in the spring of 2023.

“Our objective is to keep improving the TV experience for everyone. According to Mustafa Ozgen, President of Devices at Roku, these Roku-branded TVs will not only complement the current lineup of partner-branded Roku TV models, but also enable future smart TV developments.

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Roku hasn’t released many specifics regarding its initial line of smart TVs. The firm did clarify that the Plus Series models will ship with Roku Voice Remote Pros, while the Roku TVs with HD screens will ship with ordinary Roku Voice remotes. All Roku TV models will support well-liked features like Find My Remote and Private Listening in addition to offering effortless access to live TV and sports.

Prices for Roku’s selection of Select and Plus Series TVs will vary from $119 to $999. A brand-new Roku TV Wireless Soundbar that can effortlessly connect to Roku-branded TVs will also be made available this spring by Roku.

Roku Is Launching TVs
Roku Is Launching TVs

Additionally, Roku announced today that it will make all of the software advancements it is creating for its own TVs “accessible to the full Roku TV programme, including existing and future OEM partners.” Additionally, the business today introduced a brand-new premium Roku TV OLED TV reference design that all Roku TV partners may adopt to produce OLED smart TVs at a reasonable price.

If you’re a fan of smart TVs, the main producers are presently exhibiting at CES in Las Vegas. While Samsung introduced its Neo QLED, Micro LED, and OLED TV lines yesterday, LG unveiled its 2023 OLED TV portfolio earlier this week. Follow for up-to-date information.

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