Remains Identified As Missing 4-year-old Oklahoma Girl: Who Was Arrested On Suspicion Of Involvement In Brownfield’s Death?

On January 10, a mail carrier discovered the child’s 5-year-old sister waiting alone outside the house where the missing kid lived with Ivon Adams III and his wife, Alysia Adams.

This discovery led to filing of a missing person report for the missing girl. The couple had been caring for the sisters in Cyril, which is roughly 800 people strong and is situated approximately 70 miles (110 kilometers) southwest of Oklahoma City.

Were The Remains Identified As Those Of A Missing 4-year-old Girl From Oklahoma?

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation announced that the skeletal remains of a child in Oklahoma the previous week had been conclusively identified as belonging to Athena Brownfield, a 4-year-old girl who had been missing for several weeks.

An investigation into the circumstances surrounding the girl’s abduction led to the arrest of both of the girl’s guardians earlier this month.

Remains Identified As Missing 4-year-old Oklahoma Girl

On January 17, 2019, human remains were discovered in Rush Springs, Oklahoma, one week after the search for the missing toddler was initially initiated.

According to a statement released by the Office of the State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI), “there is no additional comment on the investigation from the OSBI due to a gag order filed in Caddo County District Court.”

On January 10, a mail carrier saw Brownfield’s 5-year-old sister playing alone on the street, and this sparked the beginning of the hunt for Brownfield. The search was referred to as a “recovery operation” by OSBI on January 16.

Who Was Arrested On Suspicion Of Involvement In Brownfield’s Death?

Alysia Adams, age 31, and Ivon Adams, age 36, who cared for the girls, have been detained on suspicion of being involved in Brownfield’s death.

Alysia Adams was the older of the two. Ivon Adams is charged with one case of first-degree murder and one count of child neglect.

You can like this news Remains Identified As Missing 4-year-old Oklahoma Girl. Alysia Adams is accused of both abusing and neglecting her children.

Alysia Adams, who the OSBI has stated is a relative of the two girls, had been monitoring the children for almost two years after their biological mother, Jasmin Brownfield had left them in her care, according to the records filed in the court case.

According to the court filings, Alysia Adams admitted that on Christmas Day at midnight, Ivon Adams beat Athena Brownfield and held her up by her arms until she stopped moving. She did this while Alysia was present.

According to the allegations in the records, he struck the child three times in the chest before fleeing the residence at approximately one in the morning on December 26.

According to the paperwork, when he returned later, he mentioned to his wife that he had buried Athena Brownfield next to the fence line close to their previous property in Rush Springs.

According to the documents, he covered the grave with a huge branch that had been broken off.

Both were taken into custody on January 11. Alyssa Adams was brought into custody in Oklahoma, while Ivon Adams was apprehended in Arizona but has since been returned to Oklahoma via extradition. Both of the Adams siblings are related.

According to prior statements by the OSBI, the sister discovered by the mail carrier was taken into protective custody.

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