Playstation Showcase 2023: May Arrive Prior To Summer Game Fest

With summer quickly approaching, many gamers are looking forward to the plethora of events that will take place. Summer Game Fest begins June 8, Microsoft and Bethesda will host a showcase and a separate Starfield Direct on June 11, and a Ubisoft Forward has been confirmed for June 12. Attendees for Summer Game Fest, individual presentations, and other events are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

Of course, one of the most anticipated and rumored events is a PlayStation Showcase, as fans did not receive an event in 2022. According to rumors, Sony dropped PlayStation Showcase in 2022 due to Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard King, with Sony understandably not wanting to give Microsoft more ammunition against it. However, the most recent updates make the acquisition appear to be a done deal, so Sony has no reason to delay.

Playstation Showcase 2023
Playstation Showcase 2023

Indeed, according to known insider and reporter Jeff Grubb’s Game Mess Schedule, a PlayStation Showcase will take place prior to Summer Game Fest. That shouldn’t come as a surprise for a few reasons, and fans may have some ideas about what to expect.

PlayStation Showcase Date

For two reasons, “before Summer Game Fest” should be late May or early June. Sony usually announces a PlayStation Showcase a week in advance. Because the State of Plays is smaller, Sony needs two days to accurately plan, set up, and announce the event. The second is that Sony typically wants to stand out, so it doesn’t have to wait for that busy week of June to fill, but it will choose wisely.

A Twitter user (Rino) shared a Tweet about the rumored may 2023 PlayStation showcase. You can see the Tweet below

State of Plays and PlayStation Showcases have historically been held on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Thus, the most likely PS Showcase dates are:

  • Wed/Thurs, May 3-4
  • May 10/11 (Wed/Thurs)
  • May 17/18 (Wed/Thurs)
  • May 24/25 (Wed/Thurs)
  • May 31/June 1 (Wed/Thurs)

It’s hard to say which date is most likely, but June 1 is a possibility. It’s a Thursday and the first of the month, so it can release information a week before other presentations. While seemingly leading other events, it stands out.

What Games Can Be Found At The Playstation Showcase?

Of course, for many people, it won’t be so much when the event takes place as it will be what is shown there. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the safest bet, which isn’t always the case. According to rumors, it will be released in September, but regardless, it will be Sony’s flagship title for the year. With little marketing so far, Sony will want to get it in front of as many people as possible before its release later this year. A “launch” trailer for Final Fantasy 16 makes sense given its June release date.

The PS VR2 will almost certainly get some screen time during the event, albeit to a lesser extent. Sony spent a lot of time promoting it earlier this year, and reportedly, sales aren’t what the gaming giant wants. That’s not to say it won’t be shown at the event, just to a lesser extent. It’s also possible that hardware such as the PS5 Slim or hardware with a detachable drive will make an appearance.

Conclusion: The highly anticipated PlayStation Showcase is rumored to take place before Summer Game Fest, likely in late May or early June. Fans can expect to see Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and a “launch” trailer for Final Fantasy 16, along with a possible appearance of the PS VR2. Other game announcements and surprises are also expected.

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