Parents Reflect On Parkland Five Years After Shooting Monarch High School Students Serve

As they observed five years since the shooting rampage that left 17 people dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, students at Monarch High School pondered on the past and the tragedy there.

“I just remember tons of grief. I was with my family bawling, crying, just feeling for those families, feeling for the community,” said senior Macy Williams, who was in eighth grade at the time of the shooting. Both the faculty and the students anticipated the future.

On Valentine’s Day, volunteers improved the school’s facade, courtyard, and butterfly garden. The day of worship was part of an attempt to memorialize and pay tribute to the 17 lives lost at Marjory Stoneman Douglas on that tragic day.

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The volunteers took a moment to contemplate and commemorate each kid and teacher who had died at 10:17 a.m. One by one, the names of the victims were read. “I had a friend that died in it so it’s a little touchy,” said junior Aliyah Logan.

A very personal disaster. Douglas High is only ten minutes away by car from Monarch High School. Five years later, the community in which these students all live is still in mourning.

Parents Reflect On Parkland, Five Years After Shooting

“That was your last day and your last time speaking to your friends, going out with your friends, talking to your parents not seeing your siblings anymore. It’s a lot. It’s really a lot,” said Logan. This community is in mourning, but they also want the live victims to know that everything they do is with them in mind.

“I want them to know especially for the families that you guys are strong you guys are remembered. We are still trying to help you guys as best as we can. I know it’s tough for a mother or father to bury their child,” said junior Leila Noel.

Williams said she feels the same. “Just to come together and be there for one another because in the end that’s all that really matters,” said Williams. Additionally available to assist children and staff who required a little additional comfort was an emotional support dog

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