Owen Hart Cause Of Death: Tragic Reasons behind Legendary Wrestler’s Death

Owen Hart Cause Of Death:  The wrestling community was shocked by Owen Hart’s tragic death. Since 1992, Owen has been a well-liked wrestler for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). That evening, he was scheduled to rejoin the WWF for an important match, but he never entered the arena. Many people were left wondering what happened that night and what caused his quick and unexpected death.

Owen Hart Cause Of Death

On May 23, 1999, while WWF Over The Edge 1999 was being taped for a Pay-Per-View, Owen Hart collapsed from the rafters of the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri. Owen Hart’s cause of death was internal bleeding brought on by blunt force trauma.

A fatal accident was captured on camera while he was prepared to be lowered into the ring by a harness (donning his “Blue Blazer” persona) before his Intercontinental Championship match against fellow wrestler The Godfather.

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He was meant to let go of his harness a few feet above the ring for comedic effect, falling on his face (as his wrestling persona was a bumbling superhero). Hart was forcibly thrown into the ring after unlatching the harness prematurely and falling 24 meters to his chest, hitting the top rope. The fall’s impact seriously hurt him, and he died at the hospital’s traumatic chest injuries.

Owen Hart’s Death Was Due To A Fall

According to reports, Owen Hart fell 78 feet and hit the top rope chest-first (near one of the padded turnbuckles).

Because pre-recorded interview footage was broadcast before the entry, television viewers missed Owen Hart’s fall. One of the night’s commentators and WWE Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross later informed home viewers that Hart had indeed fallen from the rafters and that it was not a part of the performance.

Owen Hart Cause Of Death-

He was rushed to the Trauma Medical Center in Kansas City with significant wounds and was later declared dead. According to the Owen Hart postmortem report, internal bleeding by blunt force trauma killed Owen Hart.

Last Words: Finally, the terrible death of Owen Hart put an end to the wrestling era. He was killed when falling rigging equipment caused him to fall from the arena’s rafters. People have debated why appropriate safety standards weren’t in place long before his death, generating controversy. Despite this tragedy, Owen Hart’s legacy in wrestling and those who treasure the memories he left behind help to perpetuate his memory.

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