Omaha Police Fatally Shoot Armed Man In Target Store

After opening fire inside a Target store in Omaha on Tuesday afternoon, a man was fatally shot by police, according to authorities. Panicked customers and employees fled for cover.

Although it wasn’t immediately apparent if the man fired at anyone, Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said the man had “plenty of ammunition” and that evidence shows he fired many rounds.

Police investigated the business “because some people were hiding in there,” Schmaderer claimed that no injured people had been discovered. A shopper named Cathy Mahannah described the atmosphere inside the store as “sheer fear.”

The 62-year-old woman was choosing Valentine’s Day presents for her young grandchildren when she heard a pounding sound close to the store’s door. She initially believed something had fallen until noticing a crowd of people rushing for the door.

She left after a consumer informed her that there was a shooter present. At least one more shot was fired inside the business, and she heard several more when she was outside. Mahannah was so agitated that she initially lost track of her automobile and got into a car with a stranger.

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“When I heard the bullets and wondered, “Where do I hide?” those minutes in the parking lot were terrible. I’m at a loss for what to do, “She spoke. Several 911 calls were received shortly before noon, according to the police chief, and officers were to the store quickly.

When asked about the shooting at a news conference about an hour later, Schmaderer claimed, “The first arriving officers went into the building, engaged the perpetrator, and shot him dead.” He was carrying an AR-15 gun and a tonne of ammo.

Omaha Police Fatally Shoot Armed Man In Target Store

All customers and staff were safely evacuated from the shop, according to a statement from Target spokesperson Brian Harper-Tibaldo. The store will remain closed indefinitely.

Police personnel is trained to address such incidents swiftly to minimize mass casualties, according to Lt. Neal Bonacci, a police spokesperson.

He stated, “We’ve learned a lot from other jurisdictions, regions, and cities that have regrettably gone through this. “We immediately go in. We are taught to do this. We enter and eliminate the threat, whether one or ten officers are present.”  Kindly visit our if you require any additional information.

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