Olivia Newton-John’s Daughter Chloe Lattanzi Recalls Her Mom’s Sentimental Last Words To Her

Six months after the music icon’s passing in August 2022, Olivia Newton-daughter John’s is remembering their final moments together.

Chloe Lattanzi, who appeared in the talk alongside Newton-husband John’s Easterling, opened up about her loss and shared the Grease icon’s final words with her in an interview with Hoda Kotb on the Today show last Friday.

“The last words she could say to me was, ‘My sunshine,’ ” said Lattanzi, who Newton-John shared with her ex-husband Matt Lattanzi. “And right before she lost her ability to speak, she made jokes.”

“I love my mom more than anything,” continued the 37-year-old. “She’s my mama, you know? She’s not Olivia Newton-John to me, but I’m so glad that she was Olivia Newton-John to so many people.”

Lattanzi talked about how much her fans’ love and support had helped her cope with her loss while holding Eastelring’s hand throughout the interview.

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“It has been a life raft,’ Lattanzi said. “It has felt like a big hug from the universe. And I’m very grateful for all of the people who reached out to us and extended their heart and their connection.”

Newton-2008 John’s bride, Easterling, explained how he still speaks aloud to his late wife. Asked by Kotb when he feels her “the most now,” Easterling said, “late at night or early in the morning.”

Olivia Newton-John's Daughter Reveals Mother's Last Words

“And then you’ll know I’ll just be walking around the house or throwing the ball for the dogs and just speak to her out loud,” he explained. Easterling added, “Every day, I miss Olivia terribly. And yet every day, I’m super grateful that I had 15 wonderful years with this extraordinary human being.”

The actress from the film Xanadu went away on August 8—five years after she revealed she had breast cancer that had spread to her sacrum. In 1992, the four-time Grammy Award winner disclosed her initial breast cancer diagnosis.

Her daughter posted a collection of images of Newton-John and her mother over the years on the day Easterling posted about Newton-passing John’s on her social media pages. Three days prior, Lattanzi posted an image of the couple posing in a field. “I worship this woman. My mother. My best friend. @therealonj,” she captioned the post on her Instagram page.

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