NYPD Looks To Talk To Travis Scott After Assault At Manhattan Nightclub, Sources Say

Following an alleged attack early on Wednesday morning in a Manhattan nightclub, the NYPD has issued a warrant for an A-list rapper to be questioned. Police are interested in speaking with rapper Travis Scott after he was allegedly present during an argument at Nebula in Midtown.

Rapper Don Toliver was the star of Tuesday night’s performance at the well-known club, which lasted far into the early morning. Scott ultimately appeared on stage with Tolliver, and the two collaborated to perform in front of an enthusiastic audience.

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But, according to police sources, the fighting began at 3 a.m. The face of a sound engineer, 52, was struck. Equipment worth $12,000 was harmed in the commotion. The cause of the disagreement was not immediately known.

For Scott, it wasn’t his first concert mishap. He was twice detained for instigating violence during performances in 2015 and 2017; in 2021, the audience at his local music festival in Houston, Texas, rushed the stage, resulting in 10 fatalities and numerous injuries. At the time, Scott said he was unaware of what was happening.

Travis Scott Sought By NYPD After Alleged Nightclub Assault

“People pass out, you know. Things happen at concerts. But something like that? it’s just like …,” Scott said. Police think Scott wasn’t only performing during the incident on Wednesday morning. He was caught up in the purported altercation firsthand.

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