New York Mayor Eric Adams Visits El Paso

New York Mayor Eric Adams Visits El Paso: Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, travelled to El Paso this past weekend to see the border since his city has been overrun by thousands of migrants who have been sent north in recent months, taxing the city’s resources to the breaking point.

Mayor Adams described the influx of migrants as a “national issue” requiring a national response after landing in El Paso on Saturday night. El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser and I are “on the front lines,” Adams remarked, and we require federal assistance. The visit happened after the city asked New York State for emergency mutual aid to help house incoming asylum seekers.

With 835 asylum seekers arriving on one day, the greatest single-day arrival we’ve seen to date, Adams said in a statement, “We are now seeing more individuals arrive than we have ever seen – averaging over 400 people each day this last week.” “All of this is teetering on the edge of New York City.”

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Over 3,100 asylum seekers are said to have arrived in the city the previous week, with 835 coming on Thursday alone. Adams added that the town had welcomed almost 40,000 asylum seekers since the spring of 2022, opening 74 emergency shelters and four humanitarian relief centers.

On Friday, Mayor Adams told Caribbean Power Jam Radio that he anticipated the city’s costs from the inflow of migrants to reach $2 billion.

As the city “continues to face an unprecedented inflow” of asylum seekers, Adams’ press secretary said on Friday that the mayor’s travel to El Paso will include “several trips at and near the U.S. southern border.”

Adams went to the Office of New Americans in El Pasto County, Texas, according to Levy, “to find out what they are hearing from arriving applicants.” Before they cross the border, these migrants are being offered things that are just not available, according to Levy.


New York Mayor Eric Adams Visits El Paso
New York Mayor Eric Adams Visits El Paso

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The mayor, according to Levy, arrived in El Paso on Saturday night. Adams and Leeser are in a post making an “unscheduled visit to an area where asylum seekers have been known to breach the border, as well as a location where numerous asylum seekers are camping.”

Levy also uploaded a video of Mayors Adam and Leeser paying homage to the almost two dozen migrants killed in 2019 “in a racist, anti-immigrant shooting” at Walmart’s monument and El Paso’s Healing Garden.

In another video from Levy, Adams can be seen conversing with asylum seekers outside Sacred Heart Church. The migrants “overwhelmingly,” according to Levy, raised their hands to indicate to the mayor that they wanted to work.

When asked what their message to Adams would be, several reportedly told The New York Post they wanted the mayor to “take me with you” back to New York.

The mayor’s visit has been compared to President Biden’s quick stop in El Paso to view the border between the United States and Mexico. The president spent approximately four hours walking a section of the frame and touring a bustling port of entry, where border agents showed how they scan cars for narcotics, cash, and other illegal items.

However, many detractors criticized the president for skipping the regions most affected by unauthorized border crossings. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website and get all the recent updates.

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