Naomi Ross Leaked: Is She Comes on Adin Ross’s Kick Stream?

Controversial Kick broadcaster Adin Ross recently engaged in a livestream conversation with his sister Naomi Ross to clarify a recent issue involving him being duped into viewing an explicit image of his “sister” on screen.

In a Discord call with Adin, Naomi explained that the image in question wasn’t hers and discussed the situation. She even posted information about receiving recent death threats while discussing the abuse she receives from Adin Ross’s supporters over her OnlyFans content:

“You guys, I get so much hate online but like in person today… I was actually out and somebody said to me, ‘Come around wh*re, your brother should kill you. Otherwise, we are going to.”

She had obviously been affected by the threat, and the streamer was likewise taken aback. He claims that some of his supporters believe he and his sister are “enemies.”  Additionally, he offered Naomi private security, and she seemed to accept. Read the full post for more details.

Adin Ross Talked With the Person Whose Picture Was Used to “Trick” Him

Naomi Ross Leaked
Naomi Ross Leaked

Readers should be aware that Naomi spoke about this subject on her Instagram a few days ago. She cited a story from Isabelle Eleanore, another influencer, in which the latter acknowledged that it was her photo that sparked the controversy.

Someone utilized it to deceive Adin and the general public into thinking that Adin had viewed an explicit image of his sister while watching a stream.

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Naomi Ross fiercely condemned those who had been disseminating inaccurate information and video of the incident. She even persuaded Adin Ross to extend an invitation to Isabelle Eleanore, the true owner of the photo, to join the stream. See Naomi Ross’s official Instagram post:


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A post shared by Naomi Ross 🦋 (@naomzies)

The three struck up a conversation and agreed that Isabelle’s photograph had been used in the ruse since, from some angles, Naomi appeared to have facial features that were similar to those of Isabelle. The streamer said the following at 8:41 into the portion of the VOD that was released to his YouTube channel Adin Live:

“I think what everyone saw was the resemblance that was the nose.”

Later, he offered a metaphor to describe how they appeared, noting that Isabelle Eleanore and Naomi Ross appeared to have been characterized similarly:

“The hair, the way your face is formatted, right? It’s like god used the same paintbrush on you guys.”

Viewers Respond on YouTube

Many individuals made comments after the clarifying video went live on YouTube. Adin Ross appears to have become involved in a scandal or two over the past few months. A few weeks ago, he faced harsh criticism for voluntarily displaying an explicit website on Kick.

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