Mother Is Shot Dead In Front Of Her Children By A Stranger After A Fight In The Supermarket Parking Lot

After arguing with a stranger in a South Carolina grocery parking lot on Valentine’s Day, a mother was fatally shot in front of her children.

The altercation started when Alexandria Cress Borys, 26, was loading groceries into her car outside a Kroger in Irmo on Tuesday afternoon, according to her husband, Tyler Borys, who spoke to Fox57.

Alexandria was shot in the back shortly after the altercation finished while her two-year-old and infant children were in the car. At about 4 o’clock, the mother was declared dead on the spot.

Police later identified the shooter as Christina Harrison, age 23. After leaving the shooting scene, Ms. Harrison called the police to report her whereabouts about 90 minutes later.

Charges of murder, carrying a gun without a permit, and having a weapon while committing a violent crime led to her arrest and booking into the Lexington County Detention Center.

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Alexandria and Ms. Harrison got into a fight soon before the shooting, witnesses told the police. According to investigators, the women did not know one another, and the argument’s origin is still unknown.

“Unfortunately, this is a situation where tempers flared, and someone let anger get the best of them,” Irmo Police Chief Bobby Dale said in a Facebook post.

“One rash decision has impacted the lives of two families and countless others who witnessed this tragic event. “Senseless is the only word I can think of to describe what happened today.”

Alexandria, a cosmetologist enrolled in nursing school, was killed in a car accident. Mr. Borys started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to erect a memorial in her honour.

Death Of Mother In Kroger Parking Lot

“A beautiful woman, wonderful mother, compassionate wife, trusting friend, and much more. Alexandria was truly taken too soon,” the description states. “The details of what happened were covered by the news, so I’m saving myself doing it again here.

“We are not looking for personal donations or financial help. But there has been enough people asking, so I’d like to use any funds collected to build a memorial for Alexandria to honor a great soul. Whether it be something small, a park installment, or wherever we can do it.

Anything additional will go towards a future fund to benefit our son. Thank you all for yours thoughts. Hold your loved ones close.” Only six days had passed since her younger brother Brandon was shot and killed before Alexandria passed away.

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