Milwaukee Police Officer Killed In Overnight Shooting

During a chase and gunfire overnight, a Milwaukee police officer and a robbery suspect were both slain. According to CBS 58, the incident happened around 14th Street and Cleveland Avenue.

According to Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman, at about 1:15 a.m. on Tuesday, officers were searching for a person of interest in a robbery about two hours earlier when they came across the 19-year-old suspect, who disobeyed their orders and fled.

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A struggle ensued as a 37-year-old cop chased the suspect. According to police, the perpetrator shot the officer multiple times; the officer later passed away.

The suspect was also shot by the officer, who was killed there. According to Norman, it’s still unclear if the guy shot himself or was killed by the officer’s bullet. The deceased officer had served on the force for four years.

Milwaukee Police Officer Killed In Overnight Shooting

“I recognize you and am proud of you, Milwaukee Police Department officers and staff. There is recognition for the effort you perform, “Roger said. “Please check on the families and friends of our excellent, honorable, and committed Milwaukee Police Department officers.

As we attempt to deal with this regrettable incident, kindly continue to support them.” Due to an ongoing investigation, neither the officer’s name nor that of the suspect has been made public by the police.

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